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195: Brainfood Live On Air – Ep174 – Where are the Missing Workers?

September 30th, 2022

Where Are The Missing Workers?


The ‘Labour Market Paradox’ is most keenly felt by us – the recruiters who are struggling to make hires, even when key macro indicators – such as number of people economically inactive – should suggest otherwise. How are we to understand the mixed messages we are getting from the commentariat, politicians and our own lived experience?


Good news is, Brainfood Live has got you!


You will learn:


– What does the data say (US, UK & EMEA)

– Explanations for labour force participation

– Government initiatives to increase labour force participation

– What about the ‘New New Deal’?

– Are we all an undeclared general strike?

– How does remote and demand for more, lead to labour inactivity?

– How does this all manifest to recruiting challenges and solutions?


All this and more with global experts such as Anita Lettink, Partner (Strategic Management Centre), Pawel Adrjan, Director EMEA Economic Research (Indeed), Dr Sarah Ali, Global Economist (Radancy) & Tony Wilson, Director (Institute for Employment Studies)


Friday 30th September, 2pm BST / 9am EDT


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