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182: Brainfood Live On Air – Ep164 – Can Recruiters Do A 4 Day Week?

July 21st, 2022

Can Recruiters Shift To A 4 Day Work Week?


Alongside the shift to remote, the desire for employees to shift to a 4 day work week has been one of the most startling demands from the workers. Even more surprisingly, many employers are listening and have reduced hours, often times at full pay. Can recruiters also shift to this new mode of working? On the one hand it makes sense as we work off hours in any case, but on the other, we are often in ‘on-demand’ mode. 

How do we do the 4 day week, SHOULD we do the 4 day week?


– Pro’s & Cons of 4 day week

– Types of 4 day week

– Which roles, which company’s most able to move

– What are the challenges / objections?

– How do you make the decision?

– What happens if productivity / performance drops?

– What is the impact on Employer Branding / Talent Attraction?

– What are the unique challenges of moving to a 4 day week for recruiters?


All this and more with Steven Brand, Global Employer Brand Manager (Mambu), Natalie Glick, Director of Talent Management (Mambu), Kasia Tang, Founder (Super Source Me), Jamie Leonard, MD (Recruitment Events Co) & Andy Davis, Director (Highfield PS)



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