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180: Brainfood Live On Air – Ep162 – Employer Branding……When Making Layoffs?

July 8th, 2022

Employer Brand…When Making Layoffs?


2022 was not meant to be like this. Coming into the year, we had the expectation of a strong economic rebound after the covid induced slowdown of two years previous. And yet, 6 months in we are are seeing conflict, inflation, public sector strikes, social conflict, crypto crashes and yes….looming recession. What do we need to know as EB / TA professionals in these circumstances – can we even do our jobs in these conditions?


– Is EB the first to go when employers are no longer recruiting?

– What role does EB / TA play when hiring freeze and layoffs are happening?

– How can we become indispensable when core function is not being performed?

– What role do we have to play in internal / external messenging?

– What do we do if we are still hiring in one area, whilst making lay offs in another?

– How do we manage brand when the number of disappointed ex-employees goes up?


All this and more with w/ Will Staney, Founder (ProActive Talent), Alex Her, Manager Employer Brand (GoDaddy), Natasha Nagra, Talent Director (Valor Hospitality Partners)




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