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145: Brainfood Live On Air – Ep143 – Why TA should (re)integrate with HR

February 18th, 2022

How long has the argument been that TA should be in a separate department from HR, either a stand alone reporting into the CEO or part of Marketing or part of Operations – anything but HR! Where is the state of this argument and does it still stand? What might the benefits be of moving closer to HR rather than away?


– Isn’t TA really about marketing these days?

– What has been the influence of covid 19 onto this conversation?

– Should it even matter which reporting line?

– Why TA benefits from being closer / further away from HR

– How to make the HR relationship work

– Do different organisations require different functional structures?


Lets talk about organisational design folks.


With Kevin Green, Chief People Officer (FirstGroup),  Jo Weech, Global Head of People & Talent (Clements Worldwide) & Geraldine Butler-Wright, Chief People & Culture Officer (Healthily)


Friday 18th February, 2.00pm GMT


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Ep143 is sponsored by Oyster

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