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122: Brainfood Live On Air – Ep126 – Ageism In Recruitment: To Do‘s for Candidates & Employers

September 24th, 2021


Two things are unfortunately true: age-ism in hiring is real and it’s a problem that ALL of us will have to face sooner or later. What can we as recruiters do about this? What can we as candidates do to improve our chances?

This is the focus of this week’s Brainfood Live On Air


– evidence of ageism in hiring

– intersection with gender / ethnicity / social class

– more / less prevalent in different industries?

– where in the recruiting funnel is the bias most obvious?

– what generational stereotypes are most strong held?

– what can senior job candidates do to improve prospects?

– what can employers do to de-bias their hiring?


With Jo Weech, Head of People, (Exemplary Consultants), Dorothy Dalton, Exec Career Coach (3plus), Jacob Sten Madsen, Talent Acquisition Advisor (Nielsen) & Anne-Hermine Nicolas, Head of Executive Recruitment (ex-Deloitte)


Ep127 is sponsored by our buddies Applied

Join Applied and Lori Trawinski, PHD, CCDP, for a webinar discussing how to nurture an age-inclusive workplace from recruitment, to assessment and retention.

We’ll explore why age inclusion matters and how you can create an age-inclusive workforce, as well as an interactive Q&A.

Lori Trawinski is a thought leader on age diversity in the workforce. She is Director of Finance and Employment at the AARP Public Policy Institute in Washington, DC. Her areas of expertise include age diversity, equity, and inclusion in the workforce.

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