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234: Brainfood Live On Air – Ep205 – Moving to Skill Based Hiring (SBH)

May 12th, 2023

Moving to Skills Based Hiring (SBH)


We’ve heard a great deal about Skills Based Hiring but what is it and what does it actually look like in practice? The movement away from hiring on bio / experience is welcome, as we know correlation is very weak before prior experience and job performance, but how exactly are we meant to identify people who can / want to do the job?


– What is SBH?

– Are certain job roles more suited to it than others?

– How do you understand what skills are required to do a job?

– Are we talking about personality traits?

– What kind of assessments are suitable for the task?

– What kind of business case can be made for SBH?

– Do recruiter skills change, in the context of SBH?

– What benefits can we expect, what challenges?


All this and more on Brainfood Live On Air.

We’re with Andrea Marston, Senior Director Global Talent Acquisition (VMWare), Luke Davis, Founder (Diversify.io), Chantelle Jones, Talent Strategy Director, (Nash Squared) & Richard Bradley, VP, (Kelly Services)


We’re on Friday 12th May, 2pm BST


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