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231: Brainfood Live On Air – Ep202 – Recruitment Leadership in a Mega Scale Organisation

April 21st, 2023

Recruitment Leadership in a Mega Scale Organisation


Most of us have had experience of SME and Corp size organisations, but few of us might have had the chance to work at truly mega scale organisations. What is it like to be working for an organisation with tens of thousands of employees? How do you do TA leadership in an environment like this – what are the things you have to do which differ from leadership at smaller scale?


We’re delighted to host the recruiting legend that is Andy Headworth and interview him on his experience at as Deputy Director of TA at HMRC


– What do outsiders need to know about recruiting at HMRC?

– How does it differ from other government departments?

– What does a person transitioning from private sector most need to know?

– What are the most important constraints?

– What are the competitive advantages?

– Personal skills – how would you prioritise the skills required to lead a department in this organisation?

– What are the main reasons why a recruiter should look at mega scale organisations for a career?



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