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The Crowd Wins Over Robots

November 25th, 2019

It’s The Shred a mini Chad and Cheese bite of Breaking News — This is Chad Sowash

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On to the NEWS..

It’s Monday, November 25 2019. It’s crowdsourced sourcing!

What the actual… Okay if you’d said “crowdsourcing candidates is a thing” I would have said… Yea, not really… But apparently it’s a thing?

Why am I saying this? Well, he’s a quote from Cielo’s press release –
“Cielo, has invested in Visage, a platform that will enhance the capabilities of the company’s Distributed Sourcing Model by connecting recruiters and sourcers globally to deliver qualified candidates to clients faster.

Cielo’s Distributed Sourcing Model connects the organization’s internal crowd of recruiters worldwide to form a collective network of knowledge, experience and best practices that is accessible by all of the company’s recruiters. Visage’s global community of sourcers and AI system give Cielo recruiters a powerful external resource to use when the need arises based on priorities like capacity, role complexity, regional requirements and speed to fill.”

THIS IS WHAT WE CALL SCALE KIDS… How can you scale to a need faster? Apparently it’s crowdsourcing… sourcing! and with 3,500 sources in the community with more to come. That’s people power baby!

But wait a minute, I thought automated AI matching was supposed to be doing this work? Right? I asked Adam Godson Chief Technology & Product Innovation Officer – aka “Recruiting Tech Bad Ass” that question and he said we’re not there yet especially against a people aggregator where there are more nuanced matching and a better understanding of the job which provides better end results.”

Cielo piloted Visage for nearly a year with 20+ clients – so I guess it works. Adam also likened this model to Uber vs. Taxi when it comes to cost-effective sourcing to meet the need in an on-demand model.

How much did Cielo invest? Adam was stingy on the details, but sources say it was 7 figure deal, under 5 million…

This is another really cool marketplace platform that is now powered by a recruiting machine and the types of innovation hiring companies expect to see from the outsourcing vendors.

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