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It’s Raining Cash for iCIMS, Deel & Rippling

May 13th, 2022

Facebook is in a hiring freeze, crypto is crashing and Uber says it’s going to “treat hiring as a privilege” as a way to cut costs. What, us worry? Hell no. Deel, Rippling and iCIMS are raising money, enjoying some rare, unicorn air and in the news this week. Aspiring unicorns are raising cash too, and the boys play a little buy-or-sell with Manara, Certn and HireLogic. Lucky for them, Chad is enjoying his new digs in sun-filled Portugal, so Buy ratings are aplenty in contrast to Cheese’s middle-American bitterness. What the boys can agree on, however, is recent commercials from Mod pizza and Upwork. What’s more? This week’s shoutouts are particularly entertaining, so don’t skip the intro, kids.

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