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iCIMS Goes Cha-Ching!

August 16th, 2018

Hey kids, it’s The Shred for August 18, 2018, brought to you by Judge.com. Whether you’re moving your systems to the cloud, building out a team for your next project, finding healthcare talent for your organization, filling that mission critical direct hire to lead your team, or training your employees on the latest technology, Judge.com can deliver to ensure your organization’s long-term growth. To the news: More money is flowing into the recruiting technology space. Popular ATS iCIMS announced a new round of private equity funding this week. Terms were undisclosed, but it’s safe to say this wasn’t chump change. iCIMS has raised about $92 million prior to this round, so I’m guessing the stake was in the tens of millions ballpark. By the way, if you haven’t heard our interview with iCIMS CEO Colin Day, I encourage you to do so. Dude’s very transparent and pull no punches. CareerBuilder has a new SVP of staffing and recruiting group, Andrew Streiter. Loyal listeners might remember president Kyle Braun exited CareerBuilder earlier this summer, so maybe this fills that void. Streiter joined CareerBuilder in 2005 as an account executive in New York and has held key leadership roles in sales ever since. Lastly, BirddogHR, an ATS primarily for the construction business raised some money. They didn’t disclose how much, and I don’t know much about the company, but it seemed worthy of a mention, so, there you go. BirddogHR for the win. Be sure to tune into the weekly show for deeper opinion on news you hear on The Shred. Once again, thanks to our sponsor Judge.com. With over 48 years of experience and success, Judge is an industry leader in technology, talent and learning solutions. Judge is a family-owned business which has grown globally with offices in the United States, Canada, India and China. Learn more at j-u-d-g-e-dot-com. Cheesman out.

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