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Conversational AI Report

July 27th, 2021

Don’t call it a chatbot, they’ve been here for years…

Seriously, call ’em chatbots, conversational AI, or fancy experience and productivity tools. It really doesn’t matter if you don’t understand the role of the tech and the solution to your everyday problems.

ENTER the 2021 Conversational AI Report by friend of the show Madeline Laurano and Aptitude Research. During this podcast, we dig into some major points and tease others.

We ask:

  • Isn’t this tech already part of our everyday routine?
  • Can conversation AI be more than a point solution?
  • Is conversational AI more than a high-volume play?
  • Can the ATS and CRM platforms even compete?

Again, Madeline has pulled together amazing intel that every Talent Acquisition, Recruiting, and Human Resources professional should download, digest, and share with their teams.

Enjoy the overview, brought to you by those wonderful kids over at Sovren.com. Sovren, was into parsing and AI matching before it was cool. Sovren, AI so human you’d like to take it to dinner.

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