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BRAVO Indeed… What?

April 8th, 2022

The Chad & Cheese Podcast

Did Chad and Indeed Just Become Best Friends?

Think unicorn production is slowing down? Think again, because we not only have a new unicorn on this week’s show, we have a triple-unicorn, baby! Welcome to the club, IntelyCare, and Remote! And speaking of remote, it’s a topic that makes its way into the show big-time this week, as does idiot execs at Taco Bell, Google “frog boiling,” and slider-flippin’, onion ring fryin’ and shrimp nibblin’ robots. Surprisingly, Chad speaks kindly about Indeed’s latest customer update .. wait, did I say “speaks kindly,” because we really meant “full-on tongue bath”? And we even throw in “innovation” from Snagajob and Dice, with a game of who’d ya’ rather? You’re welcome, dear listener.

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