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88: Data Insights Q3 2021 – Talent Insights

September 8th, 2021

Three months ago, we released the first installment of Hirewell’s Data Insights series.  We crunched the numbers that we had seen over the previous 12 months to paint a picture of the hiring market.  The job market flatlined (Q2 2020) and then rebounded  (Q1 2021) in the span of 9 months.  


Another quarter is in the books. We are back with the latest installment.  And guess what?  The numbers point to even more hiring activity. To give you some context, Hirewell has 75 recruiters that focus across 6 functional areas.  Hiring was up significantly in all areas:

  • Tech
  • Digital/Marketing 
  • Human Resources, 
  • Finance & Accounting
  • Sales
  • Real Estate Services


In Q2, we completed nearly 500 hires across 100+ different clients. I don’t say those numbers to brag (though I’m extremely proud of our team).  This is real hiring data from companies on a national basis. We continue to see some fascinating trends.


They included:

  • 355% – increase in year over year activity (Q2 2020)
  • 38% – increase in quarter over quarter activity (Q1 2021)
  • 32% – increase in demand for Software Engineers (no surprise)
  • 57% – increase in demand for Recruiters (continues to be amazing)
  • 73% – Software Engineering Hires were fully remote
  • 50% – Recruiting Hires were fully remote
  • 0 – Number of Software Engineering Hires that were fully onsite

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