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145: Can internal and external recruiters be best friends? - The 10 Minute Talent Rant
Talent Insights | May. 10th 2023

What’s with the tension? Aren’t we trying to accomplish the same thing?   There’s nothing more counterproductive in all of hiring than the adversarial relationship that (some) internal and external recruiters have. Internals begrudgingly use externals on hard searches when they don’t really want to pay a fee. Externals angle...

144: Hirewell Data Insights: Hiring Trends Q2 2023
Talent Insights | May. 8th 2023

How’s the hiring market, really? Have we hit a bottom? Using the almighty power of data, we can answer the first. And make our best ( or worst?) guesses on the second.    Matt Massucci and James Hornick open up the books once again and return with fresh numbers from...

143: Why's It So Hard To Find Interested Candidates? - The 10 Minute Talent Rant
Talent Insights | Apr. 25th 2023

If you’re hiring right now…congratulations! You’re killing it. Kudos to your well-run, profitable business.   With all the doom and gloom out there, you’re probably wondering: why isn’t it easy? Aren’t these supposed to be the best of times for finding top talent?   Admittedly, if you’re trying to hire...

142: What Happens When You Cut Out The Recruiter? - The 10 Minute Talent Rant
Talent Insights | Apr. 12th 2023

No one likes it when someone goes behind their back. Every agency recruiter has a horror story about a time they missed out on a placement after not getting ‘credit’ for an intro they made.   But how does this play out in the real world?   Are job seekers...

141: What Can Recruiting Tech Learn From Marketing Tech? - Talent Insights
Talent Insights | Apr. 11th 2023

Want a sneak preview of what slick new technology recruiters will start using?   Just look at what cool sales and marketing tech came out 10 years ago!   That’s what it feels like anyway. But why? Do software companies not see the opportunity? Not understand the space? Or do...

140: What A Modern Recruiting Partner Looks Like - The 10 Minute Talent Rant
Talent Insights | Mar. 28th 2023

What does good look like? Would you know it if you saw it?   If you’ve tuned into our rants before, you certainly know what bad looks like. Heck, if you’ve ever used a firm to hire or look for a job, you’ve undoubtedly had a bad experience at some...

139: No One Understands Recruiting But Recruiters, Volume 3 - The 10 Minute Talent Rant
Talent Insights | Mar. 15th 2023

And just like that, a trilogy happened. We’re right up there with The Lord of the Rings (the first ones), Star Wars (the first ones) and Creed (the movies, not the band.)   Except we’re covering all the common misunderstandings normies have about the recruiting industry. (Instead of something cool...

138: How To Hire Your First (Of Any Skill) - The 10 Minute Talent Rant
Talent Insights | Mar. 1st 2023

Hiring is never easy. But when it’s a skill set you’ve hired a hundred times before, you’ve got an ironed out process of what “works” at that point.   But what if it’s your very first marketer? Or accountant? Or product manager?   Good chance you won’t know what you’re...

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