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29: Bonus Episode! Retelling Talent Chooses You (in 15 minutes)
Talent Cast | Aug. 1st 2022

Can I turn 17 hours of audio into a 15 minute summary?

28: Final Thoughts on Talent Chooses You
Talent Cast | Jul. 27th 2022

The work you do is art. ART. Embrace it.

27: What Makes an Employer Brand Pro Great?
Talent Cast | Jul. 20th 2022

What's the difference between doing the work and making an impact?

26: Facing the Unknown
Talent Cast | Jul. 13th 2022

The life of an employer brand practitioner

25: Good Ideas
Talent Cast | Jul. 6th 2022

When you're stuck, here are some good ideas to get you going again

24: Turning Pro
Talent Cast | Jun. 29th 2022

There are so many ways this all falls apart.

23: Making Decisions
Talent Cast | Jun. 22nd 2022

If you can't be rich, you can at least make smart decisions

22: Content Frameworks
Talent Cast | Jun. 15th 2022

Telling stories that matter to candidates

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