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Implementing Successful Strategies with Jonathan Robbins at Evoke
Talent Acquisition Leaders | Mar. 28th 2023

On this episode, host Ryan Dull is joined by Jonathan Robbins, Managing Director of Talent Acquisition at Evoke, for a conversation about integrating policy ideation and implementation. Jonathan recommends the following principles for successfully turning ideas into action: - A skills-and-capabilities-based TA sourcing strategy creates more opportunity to focus on...

Supporting Diversity and Belonging with Kumari Williams at Workday
Talent Acquisition Leaders | Mar. 21st 2023

On this episode, host Ryan Dull is joined by Kumari Williams, Global Head of Programs and Operation, Belonging and Diversity/Atlanta Site Leadership at Workday. Kumari has a wealth of knowledge and experience in not only HR and talent acquisitions but also in creating diverse and inclusive workspaces. She offers wisdom...

Maintaining Human Connections with Annie Carolla at Gensler
Talent Acquisition Leaders | Mar. 14th 2023

On this episode, host Ryan Dull is joined by Annie Carolla, Global Director of Talent Acquisition at Gensler, for a conversation about the impact of relationships on talent acquisition functions. Human connections are the backbone of successful recruiting, which is why Annie approaches her role as a TA leader according...

Eliminating Waste in the Recruiting Workflow with Tara Torres at Kasa
Talent Acquisition Leaders | Jan. 24th 2023

On this episode, host Ryan Dull is joined by Tara Torres, Director of Talent Acquisition at Kasa, for an interesting conversation about process standardization. When it comes to making recruiting workflows as efficient as possible, Tara has some words of advice: - The primary objective of a defined workflow structure...

Using Data To Improve the Candidate Experience with Keith Friant at Comcast
Talent Acquisition Leaders | Jan. 17th 2023

On today’s episode, host Ryan Dull is joined by Keith Friant, Director of Talent Acquisition at Comcast, to hear how Keith is approaching talent management from a data-centric perspective. Attracting and retaining top talent requires an effective hiring plan. Keith approaches his hiring strategy with several key ideas in mind:...

The Future of Recruiting Technology with Matt Rimer at Trinity Health and Host of “TA In The Trenches”
Talent Acquisition Leaders | Jan. 10th 2023

On today’s episode, host Ryan Dull is joined by Matt Rimer, Director of Talent Acquisition at Trinity Health (HQ Michigan) and Host of “TA In The Trenches”, join them for a real dialogue on some of the latest insights, trends, and challenges inside healthcare talent acquisition today. Here's a few...

Making the Most of Your Time with Matt Battista at Party City
Talent Acquisition Leaders | Jan. 3rd 2023

On today’s episode, host Ryan Dull is joined by Matt Battista, Senior Director of Enterprise Talent Management at PCHI. Matt’s talent acquisition initiatives revolve primarily around saving the organization money and his team’s time by streamlining their workflows with technology and improved processes. For him, there are several key foundations...

Keeping a Competitive Edge with Shameka Dukes at Sysco
Talent Acquisition Leaders | Nov. 29th 2022

On today’s episode, host Ryan Dull welcomes Shameka Dukes, Director of Corporate Talent Acquisition at Sysco, to learn about some of the ways that talent leaders can maintain success in an increasingly competitive talent market. In a post-Covid world, Shameka offers some points for consideration for talent leaders navigating a...

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