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Building a Proactive Growth Strategy with Holly Haynes at Unum
Talent Acquisition Leaders | Sep. 19th 2023

On this episode, host Ryan Dull is joined by Holly Haynes, Assistant Vice President of Talent Acquisition at Unum. They discuss how talent leaders can stay on the leading edge of industry innovation. During their conversation, Ryan and Holly cover: - The importance of taking a proactive approach to developing...

Leveraging Apprenticeship Programs with Vicki Tung at Goldman Sachs
Talent Acquisition Leaders | Sep. 5th 2023

On this episode, host Ryan Dull is joined by Vicki Tung, Global Head of Talent Acquisition at Goldman Sachs, to hear about the firm’s approach to apprenticeship and how it differentiates the organization’s approach to recruiting. In their conversation, Ryan and Vicki discuss the following: - How Goldman Sachs’ TA...

Humanizing the Hiring Process with Tara Storms at Best Buy
Talent Acquisition Leaders | Aug. 16th 2023

On this episode, host Ryan Dull is joined by Tara Storms, Talent Acquisition Director at Best Buy, for some insight into the initiatives Tara is spearheading to improve her organization’s recruitment process. Tara discusses the following as it relates to improving the talent acquisition team: -  Remember that talent acquisition...

Values-Based Recruiting with Beth Michele Greenberg at Integral Ad Science
Talent Acquisition Leaders | Aug. 2nd 2023

On this episode, host Ryan Dull is joined by Beth Greenberg, Vice President of Global Talent Acquisition at Integral Ad Science, to hear how she transformed her organization’s recruiting process to align with company values. To adopt this values-based recruiting approach, Beth offers these guiding principles: - Values-based recruiting starts...

A Skills-Based Recruiting Philosophy with Julie Flowers at Chevron
Talent Acquisition Leaders | Jul. 25th 2023

On this episode, host Ryan Dull is joined by Julie Flowers, Head of Global Talent Acquisition at Chevron, to hear about the changes in recruiting philosophy she’s championing. When discussing skills-based hiring, Julie shared the following advice: - Collaboration between departments is essential for TA leaders to implement an effective...

Improving Opportunity Visibility with Shannon Taylor at JCPenney
Talent Acquisition Leaders | Jun. 27th 2023

On this episode, host Ryan Dull is joined by Shannon Taylor, Director of Talent Acquisition at JCPenney, to hear about some of the initiatives he’s spearheading to highlight the opportunities for growth and advancement that his organization offers. For fellow talent acquisition leaders, Shannon offers advice from his experience with...

Adapting to New Technology with Carrie Losch at Johnson Controls
Talent Acquisition Leaders | May. 30th 2023

On this episode, host Ryan Dull is joined by Carrie Losch, Director of Talent Acquisition at Johnson Controls, to hear how she’s helping her organization adopt new digital tools without leaning too heavily on technology to do the heavy lifting of recruiting. When it comes to implementing new technology, Carrie...

Developing Current and Future Talent with Nick Mailey at Equinix
Talent Acquisition Leaders | Apr. 3rd 2023

Nick Mailey, Vice President of Talent Acquisition at Equinix, has a long history of tech industry recruiting, but he began that path after a short political career pursuing social justice. That early political experience gave him a values-driven approach to recruiting that he lives by to this day. Chief among...

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