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12: Angela Ramos: Do better in your community
Talent Acquisition In The Trenches | Jan. 26th 2023

"Healthcare’s mission inspires you to become a better person. You cannot help but go into your communities and do better." Angela Ramos Angela Ramos is a Branding & Engagement Specialist for Harris Health System who joined me for Episode #11 of TA

11: Colin Lyle: Try it, Break it, and if it doesn’t work - try something else.
Talent Acquisition In The Trenches | Jan. 19th 2023

"Without a doubt, your chief executive officer must know that if the people don't take precedence over all else, absolutely nothing will." - Colin Lyle. Colin is the System Director of TA at Advent Health. Advent Health is one of the largest non-profit

10: Theresa Mazzaro: Once a Nurse, Always a Nurse
Talent Acquisition In The Trenches | Dec. 8th 2022

" Once a Nurse, Always a Nurse." - Theresa Mazzaro Theresa Mazzaro is the President of NAHCR and Senior Talent Acquisition Specialist at Johns Hopkins HealthCare with over 30 years of TA, Nursing, Healthcare, and Military experience.

9: Rebecca Kapsalis: Bagels, Breweries, and Building a TA COE
Talent Acquisition In The Trenches | Nov. 17th 2022

“I often say talent acquisition is the happy, happy, joy, joy of HR” - Rebecca Kapsalis Rebecca is the Associate VP of TA for The University of Vermont Medical Center. UVM's team of over 16,000 colleagues provides healthcare to more than 1 million peo

8: Kurt Stillwagon: Developing great recruiters, building new talent pipelines, and cultivating strong relationships with our clinical partners.
Talent Acquisition In The Trenches | Nov. 3rd 2022

“Even though we sit a heck of a long way from the bedside, we still make a difference ” - Kurt Stillwagon Kurt is the Sr. Director of Talent Acquisition at Wellspan. Wellspan is situated in South Central Pennsylvania, serving a five-county region; with

7: Josh Jackson: Healthcare leadership, executive search, and tech enablement to help address our staffing challenges.
Talent Acquisition In The Trenches | Oct. 20th 2022

“The best recruiters are excellent storytellers, accurate storytellers. ” - Josh Jackson Josh Jackson, the Founder/CEO of Mosaic Talent Partners, found his niche in healthcare TA in 2015 when he started his career at Daversa Partners. There he learned

6: Bruce Mattos: Recruit like a champion today
Talent Acquisition In The Trenches | Oct. 6th 2022

“Wherever you work, you have to believe in your mission.” - Bruce Mattos Bruce's recruitment career started at age 18 while working with his dad, the head coach of the Sacramento State Hornets. He learned much from hanging around his father. The most

5: Sean Peterson: Start with the why, try new stuff, find what works, scale it.
Talent Acquisition In The Trenches | Sep. 22nd 2022

“Doing something that supports people at their best and worst, healthcare is exciting no matter what role you play, we truly impact what people do and how they feel.” - Sean Peterson From starting his career as a Sourcing Specialist to recently being ask

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