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29: Joshua Secrest: The Business Case for AI
Talent Acquisition In The Trenches | Nov. 30th 2023

"So by bringing in automation, you can go back to your CFO, your C-suite, and say, 'By doing this, we will save this.' I can commit to these savings." - Joshua SeacrestJoshua is Paradox's VP of Marketing and Client Advocacy for Paradox. He is the former Head of Global Talent...

28: Ernest Ng: AI and Unlocking Talent Creativity and Innovation
Talent Acquisition In The Trenches | Nov. 16th 2023

"Our attention is a limited resource, but AI has the power to optimize it and enable humans to invest their attention in cultivating relationships and pursuing creative and groundbreaking ideas."- Ernest NGErnest is the VP of Strategy, Research, Content, and Incubation at Hiredscore. He has a PhD in Applied Psychology...

27: Rhea Moss: Data Driven Woman in Tech
Talent Acquisition In The Trenches | Nov. 9th 2023

“I think everybody, at some point, feels like they don't belong until they realize they do.” - Rhea Moss.Rhea Moss is the Global Head of Workforce and Customer Insights and resident company “Data Nerd” at iSIMS . A mom, and Women in Tech advocate, she oversees the iCIMS Insights Program...

26: Trent Cotton: Sprint Recruiting and the Futurist
Talent Acquisition In The Trenches | Nov. 1st 2023

"It's as if recruiters are Lucille Ball in the chocolate factory, bustling around and stuffing chocolate wherever they can with no real prioritization or plan."  - Trent Cotton I had a chance to sit with Trent, a versatile speaker, writer, TA Leader, and HR Executive at Reqfest ‘23 in Nashville TN...

25: Paul Kinsey: AI, Automation, and Lean Process
Talent Acquisition In The Trenches | Oct. 26th 2023

"Managing over 5,500 requisitions would be nearly impossible without the aid of technology and advanced automation." - Paul Kinsey - Executive Director TAPaul's team manages a ton of sophistication in their tech stack, and his team prioritizes investments that offer excellent ROI and address real-world challenges, such as onboarding speed,...

24: Courtnay Wittmershaus Part 1: The first 90 days on the job as a Director of TA
Talent Acquisition In The Trenches | Oct. 12th 2023

Only six months into her new role as Director, Workforce Planning and Recruitment Strategy, Courtnay Wittmershaus gave us a behind-the-scenes look at how she approached her integration into Sharp Health.Some quick stats on Courtnay: 12 years of healthcare TA experience 8 years in leadership roles Leads a team of 25...

23: Jeff Ellman: The Relocation
Talent Acquisition In The Trenches | Oct. 5th 2023

“Our philosophy is that everyone, whether it's the CEO of an organization or an intern, should have the same type of relocation experience.”  - Jeff EllmanPlanes, horses, wine cellars, and breast milk shipping are some of the unique requests Jeff and his team have relocated since 2010 - while focused...

22: Christian Ray: Time to Fill is Dead
Talent Acquisition In The Trenches | Sep. 14th 2023

“When we look at the ratio of Time to Source vs. Time to Process, it makes you question where am I investing my time and limited budget in improving my team's outcomes?” - Christian RayChristian is a Managing Partner at RogueHire, a healthcare recruitment analytics, training, and consulting company. We...

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