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Recruiting The Right Recruiters In Today’s Market An Expert Interview With Cheryl Wing

April 5th, 2023

The Recruitment Marketing and Sales Podcast

In this special episode and the first of our April series of expert interviews, we are delighted to interview a true expert in her field. Cheryl Wing is the MD of GSR2R, and a leading award-winning Rec2Rec specialist based in London, and the founder of the GSR2R Masterclass Programme, which helps you attract and retain talent.

In the space of five years, Cheryl has empowered over 40 companies to hire their own recruiters, saving them time and money and improving their time to hire while increasing retention. Most importantly, these recruitment organisations now have a pipeline of the right recruiters to hire. At the same time, Cheryl continues to run her rec2rec company, GSR2R placing candidates for clients in central London.

In this episode, Cheryl shares a wealth of insights into how the Rec2Rec market today compares with previous challenging times. She explains why candidates are moving; YES, you can recruit fantastic recruiting talent for your company, including BIG Billers.

Cheryl describes the changes she is seeing in the sector and details what candidates are looking for in a new company and how the ESG [Environmental, Social, and Governance] agenda influences candidate attraction.

If your company’s ability to grow is dependent on your ability to recruit your own talent, you will not want to miss the strategy Cheryl teaches clients to enable them to attract the talent that will support their growth.

Whether you have just started recruiting or have been finding it challenging over recent times to find the right talent for your business and would value the inside edge of how companies are successfully building large teams, this podcast is for you.



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