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How To Get Rid Of Your Fear Of Video Marketing

November 16th, 2022

The Recruitment Marketing and Sales Podcast

Video has emerged as one of the most significant marketing tools in the world in recent years.

Around 78% of companies say video marketing helped them to increase sales. What’s more, around 60% of content marketers said they planned to increase their video budget following fantastic ROI results.

Increasingly, companies are using video for a range of different marketing goals; including.

  • Generate new leads
  • Increase understanding of their product or service
  • Nurture and engage customers
  • Elevating brand presence
  • Building rapport with clients and candidates

Videos can be used on virtually every marketing channel, whether you’re promoting your brand on social media, email, or via a website. Unfortunately, there are still countless companies and business leaders who fear getting involved with video.

Why Your Company Needs Video Marketing

Video is quickly evolving from a nice-to-have marketing option for business leaders to a mandatory requirement. Around 96% of people now say they use video to learn about products and services. Not to mention, the number of video users is growing all the time.

There are about 1.9 billion monthly users accessing YouTube alone.

Overcoming your fear of video means you can leverage a host of benefits when it comes to nurturing, engaging, and converting customers. At the same time, it ensures you continue to compete alongside other businesses in your industry.

Leveraging video marketing will:

  • Enhance your existing marketing strategies: Video can perfectly complement and enhance your other marketing strategies. You can transform how-to blogs into guide videos, or use video as a way to engage more followers on social media. Adding video an email can even increase CTR by 200-300%.
  • Improve visibility: If you take the time to create and optimize your videos for search engines, you can use them to strengthen your organic traffic, and generate more brand awareness. All you need to do is create a description for your email that’s SEO optimized, and select the right thumbnails and visuals.
  • Enhance trust: Videos offer a behind-the-scenes view of your business to clients and candidates. This makes you more trustworthy, human, and transparent in the eyes of your consumers. Employee interviews and behind-the-scenes footage can even make it easier for people to understand how your business operates.
  • Boost conversion rates: Around 50% of customers look for product-related videos before making a purchase. Another 4 out of 5 customers also say demonstrations, showcasing your products and services, help them to make purchasing decisions. Using videos, you’re more likely to convince your audience to act.
  • Improve brand reputation: Videos offer companies an excellent opportunity to showcase what makes them unique. You can highlight their personality, values, and mission in a series of videos, which help candidates and clients to decide whether you’re the right solution for their specific needs.

Common Video Marketing Fears (and How to Overcome Them)

As beneficial as video marketing can be, it also comes with a number of challenges for business leaders to overcome. Although 71% of B2B companies now use video marketing, there’s still a significant percentage struggling to break into the video market.

Here are some of the common fears preventing brands from using video marketing, and how you can overcome them for your business.

1. Fears of Being Visible on Camera

Not everyone feels confident in front of a camera. However, in today’s rapidly-evolving video landscape, you don’t have to be a supermodel or actor to stand out. There are countless people around the world producing videos every day. No matter what you look or sound like, if you’re delivering quality content, your viewers won’t care.

If you’re particularly concerned about being on camera, you could even consider using animations and graphics in your videos, instead of human faces. However, keep in mind that real people generally have a better impact on clients and candidates, because they’re easier to relate to.

2. Budget Constraints

One of the biggest fears some companies have about getting started with video marketing, is it’s going to cost them too much. However, this doesn’t have to be the case. Today, companies can create high-quality videos using nothing but their smartphone and some basic online editing software. There’s no need for any professional lights, sound, or camera equipment.

Some videos are even expected to be less “professional” in quality than others. For instance, clients expect to see more raw footage on social media. It’s also worth remembering that the ROI on video is significant. No matter what you spend, around 89% of companies say video gives them an excellent return on their investment.

3. Fears about Content Production

For some companies, it can be difficult to figure out what they should talk about in their video marketing campaigns. Nobody wants to be stood in front of a camera with nothing to say. Fortunately, there’s an easy way to overcome this issue, with planning.

Sit down with your team and set goals for the videos you want to create. If you want to educate your clients about your services, you might provide a behind-the-scenes video that walks them through what you do. Alternatively, you could provide insights into a recent case study, with quotes from your customers to generate trust. It’s also worth asking your team members for their ideas on the kind of relevant content you may be able to produce.

Don’t Let Video Marketing Fears Hold You Back

As one of the most intimate and engaging forms of content marketing available, video is a fantastic way to engage clients, and candidates. However, it can also be a worrisome concept for some businesses to approach. Whether you’re afraid of being on camera, concerned about content production, or nervous about your budget, it’s time to overcome your fears.

As demand for video content continues to rise, and statistics show the value this phenomenal strategy can bring, no company can afford to miss out. Start experimenting with video today to discover for yourself why this medium is so essential.



P.S. As part of your Superfast Circle membership we even provide video scripts you can use as part of your marketing. To find out more book a call with us here.

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