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Ep 523: Overcoming Remote Challenges

May 24th, 2023

Elon Musk, David Soloman and Sam Altman are three CEOs who have recently publicly spoken out against remote and hybrid work. Problems with communication, productivity, skills transfer and culture are some of the most common issues cited but does dragging people back to the office really make these things better? The advantages of hybrid and remote work are considerable, and there are undoubtedly other ways of addressing their challenges than ordering a mandatory return to the office.

My guest this week is Jen Fong, VP of People at Customer io. Customer io is a fully remote business with employees in 30 countries, and Jen offers some great insights on embracing the advantages of remote while dealing with its challenges.

In the interview, we discuss:

• Current talent market challenges

• Why remote work is so vital to Customer io

• Innovation and global talent pools

• Autonomy and trust

• Dealing with the challenges of remote work

• How do you build community and connection?

• The importance of tools

• Being intentional about meeting in person

• Creating opportunities for people to connect socially

• Building a people-first culture that aligns with company goals

• Ensuring you have the right skills for the future with strategic workforce planning

• Attracting diverse skillsets

• The impact of AI on skills development and recruiting

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A full transcript will appear here shortly.

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