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Ep 521: Rebuilding Employer Brands

May 17th, 2023

Recruiting Future with Matt Alder

There is a strong argument that Employer Branding has never been more relevant or important. The last few months have seen many employers making layoffs as they respond to market conditions and some sense of normalization after the pandemic. It’s fair to say that some employers and potentially whole industries have suffered severe reputational damage because of this.

So how can companies rebuild their reputations as employers? This is not only important from a talent acquisition perspective; it is a vital part of retaining the talent they already have.

My guest this week is Emily Firth, Founder and Partner at The Truth Works. Emily is an Employer Brand and Employee Engagement expert, and it was great to get her view on how employers can rebuild and manage their reputations in the current market landscape.

In the interview, we discuss:

• The post-pandemic state of Employer Branding

• Lack of delineation between internal and external communications

• Transparency and control

• Moving away from a hyper-curated narrative

• Foundations and frameworks

• Rebuilding reputations

• Influencing and education leadership

• Generative AI and the future of employer branding

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