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Ep 514: Build, Maintain & Leverage Your Network

April 19th, 2023

Talent Acquisition is changing, work is changing, and careers are changing. It has perhaps never been more critical to build and cultivate a professional network. As an industry that spends most of its collective working day on LinkedIn, we like to think that we do this well. But do we really understand how to build, maintain and leverage our networks in these disruptive times?

My guest this week is Michael Melcher, an executive coach, leadership expert and author of a new book called “Your Invisible Network”. In our conversation, we discuss how networks are changing and the networking skills needed to transform careers.

In the interview, we discuss:

• Being more aware of the network around you

• Building deeper, more powerful relationships

• How a whole generation has had no meaningful face-to-face connections at work

• The power of small, consistent action

• Seven types of relationships

• Minute 32 and the unpredictable nature of conversations

• Being more human

• The difference between a specific and a general ask

• How will networking develop in the future, and what skills will we need to learn

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A full transcription will appear here shortly.

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