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Ep 511: How To Be A Global Employer Of Choice

April 6th, 2023

It’s now three years since the pandemic changed many people’s work trajectories. While some companies have returned to the office and others are desperately trying to, remote and hybrid work continue to be the norm for many organizations.

So putting aside noisy narratives and vested interests trying to take us back to the pre-pandemic status quote, what are the actual benefits and challenges of a distributed workforce? Also, with the opening of global talent pools, what can employers do to position themselves as an employer of choice in 2023?

My guest this week is Sarah Fern, Chief People Officer a Velocity Global. Velocity Global has employers working remotely across six timezones and 27 countries, and Sarah has some valuable insights to share on the benefits and challenges of being a distributed employer.

In the interview, we discuss:

• The benefits remote work offer to employers

• Opening up access to the best global talent

• Why presentism doesn’t drive high-performing work

• The genuine challenges of a distributed workforce

• Loneliness, disconnection, productivity and burnout

• Turning challenges into opportunities

• How to stand out as a global employer of choice

• Crafting meaningful benefit packages for remote workers

• Rethinking recruitment marketing

• Building culture remotely

• What is the new future of work?
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