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The Big List of FREE Recruiting Tools

February 10th, 2019

Welcome to the only podcast that helps employers and recruiters connect with more candidates through technology inspired conversations. If you want to know about the  about the latest and greatest tools and tactics for finding talent online, this is your show.

The RecTech podcast is sponsored in part by WorkHere, the hyperlocal candidate delivery tool.

WorkHere targets candidates Through their geofencing ad platform with GPS precision. …….imagine being able to target your competition directly when they pull into the parking lot…that’s the power of geofencing

Workhere will advertise your jobs on the screens candidates use the most: with messaging that is delivered in the social and mobile apps they use the most often.

So, head over to workhere.com and tell them you heard it on the RecTech podcast

And by Emissary the text recruiting platform


They have a number of ways to embed text into your recruiting


  • From short code campaigns to reminders to text retargeting ….the team behind emissary.ai will let you text your candidates with ease.
  • Your next superstar is in demand, and on the move. Emissary is the easiest way to connect with them faster, and more effectively… wherever they are.
  • Find them on the web at emissary.ai

Alright so the audio you are about to hear was extracted from my recent webinar entitled the Big list of free recruiting tools. Today i’ll tell you about free applicant tracking systems, sourcing tools, apps and more to help you find more talent.

So…Thanks for listening….and remember, always be recruiting.

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