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Qualified.io Making Strides as a Software Developer Assessment Tool

January 16th, 2018

Nathan Doctor and Jake Hoffner are the co-founders of Qualified.io a software developer assessment tool. TOPICS * What are your clients saying about the challenge of tech recruiting in silicon valley? * What is Qualified and give us a brief history of the company… When launched? * What makes you different from the Hackerranks of the world? * Will this tech eventually be used in other skill sets? Walk us through the user experience from the recruiter perspective * Jake (CTO) How do you spot a good developer vs a bad one? (traits to look for etc) * What have you learned about the recruiting process since you started Qualified? Any tips to share… * Any specific tips to recruiter developer better? What advice do you have… * What advice do you have for other HR tech startups out there? Learn more at https://www.qualified.io/ Show Notes: https://www.rectechmedia.com/ Sponsored by: https://www.lever.co/rectech

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