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New Study Reveals What Candidates Want from Employer Video

November 13th, 2017

Ben Eubanks is the principal analyst for Lighthouse Research and Advisory, a human capital management firm that recently conducted a study on video in the candidate experience. Topics discussed: Go to HR tech this year? What did ya think What’s a typical day like for an HCM analyst? Really interested to talk about video today and when I first saw the news of the study that you did I know it would make for a great podcast, how did the study come about and who did you survey? Quote: the study sheds light on ways companies are wasting money on video production while failing to meet the preferences for candidates. I walked away from this study with an overwhelming sense of “people want to work for people, not companies,”… Walk us through the major findings? I just don’t see major employers every taking this route…there are too many rules and regulations that exist that will prevent them from being transparent with vide…to those employers you say what? What were the Key takeaways? Learn more at https://www.rectechmedia.com/ and for the study go to: http://lhra.io/blog/videos-job-candidates-actually-want-see-not-branding-video-new-research/

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