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Kick-Arse Employer Brands | Feb. 20th 2024

Erik Rivas, Head of Employer Branding & Recruitment Marketing at Police, talks about fronting up to difficult news, getting the board on side, and how to measure success.

Kick-Arse Employer Brands | Dec. 14th 2023

A collection of the top employer branding tips from season 2 guests in one episode – and all in under 22 mins. Season 3 coming soon!

Kick-Arse Employer Brands | Jun. 20th 2023

Lina Lotta Landgraf, World-of-Work Storyteller at AEB, talks about her move from personal branding to employer branding, her thesis on career websites, and building an employer branding community.

Kick-Arse Employer Brands | May. 23rd 2023

James Ellis, best-selling author and Employer Brand Nerd at Employer Brand Labs, talks about getting better talent (not more), finding your real match, and the importance of showing your bad side.

Kick-Arse Employer Brands | Apr. 26th 2023

Mike Davidson, Employer Brand Specialist at Specsavers, shares tips on engaging Gen Z and talks about using employer brand content to add value to candidates thinking about the next steps in their career.

Kick-Arse Employer Brands | Jan. 18th 2023

Vanessa Ferris, Head of Employer Brand at Moove shares her thoughts on building the foundations of an employer brand when you’re starting from scratch and in a fast-paced environment.

Kick-Arse Employer Brands | Jan. 9th 2023

Lee Nicholls, Head of Attraction and Recruitment Marketing at Reckitt talks about the challenge of developing a consistent employer brand for a global FMCG business that you might not have heard of, but you will have heard of many of their brands.

Kick-Arse Employer Brands | Nov. 30th 2022

Fergus O’Connell, Head of Brand & Insight shares both an in-house and agency-side perspective and talks about the opportunity for more bottom-up decision-making, and for businesses to come together to promote the benefits of working in specific industries.

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