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We're migrating the podcast to video live stream in April 2023
Inside Job Boards and Recruitment Marketplaces | Mar. 6th 2023

We've really enjoyed publishing this audio-only podcast in partnership with the good folks at Evergreen, but all good things must come to an end. Or, in this case, not really come to an end but change and move. Kind of like when teenagers (finally!) move out of the house. But...

Does the Indeed Whisperer think you're properly data-driven?
Inside Job Boards and Recruitment Marketplaces | Mar. 2nd 2023

Jim Durbin is the Director of Recruitment Marketing for PSG Global Solutions, an RPO that supports staffing and recruiting companies. Jim has been in the industry for over 20 years, and he is sometimes referred to as the Indeed Whisperer. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices

The impact of Russia's invasion on Ukraine-based Relocate.me
Inside Job Boards and Recruitment Marketplaces | Feb. 23rd 2023

Russia invaded Ukraine on February 20, 2014, capturing strategic sites across Crimia. Within weeks, Russian forces and militia allied with Russia controlled not just Crimia, but also substantial portions of eastern Ukraine.Six years later on February 24, 2022, Russia again invaded Ukraine but this time its goal was to conquer...

Should employers be upset by Indeed's shift to pay per application?
Inside Job Boards and Recruitment Marketplaces | Feb. 16th 2023

Indeed is the world's biggest job board and has long charged its employer customers on a cost-per-click (CPC) basis. In Q4 2022, Indeed announced at its annual conference, by email, and on-site that within months it would phase out CPC in favor of cost-per-application (CPA). Yet, when the calendar turned...

How do job boards differ in southeast Asia?
Inside Job Boards and Recruitment Marketplaces | Feb. 9th 2023

Joelle Pang of FastCo, the creator of FastJobs Malaysia and its new sister site, FastGig Malaysia.FastJobs aims to create equal access to jobs opportunities for everyone by focusing on the recruitment of customer-facing, entry-level and operational roles via a mobile-first job platform.FastJobs launched in Malaysia in 2017. It now has:-...

Be sure your non-job content is delivering a positive ROI
Inside Job Boards and Recruitment Marketplaces | Feb. 2nd 2023

Kelly Cherwin is the Director of Editorial Strategy at HigherEdJobs, the leading job board and resource site in academia. She also teaches project management and strategic management courses at two universities in the Chicago area. She’s also the co-host of the HigherEdJobs Podcast, which offers great career advice to staff...

Is online recruitment in Canada the best or worst of the USA and EU?
Inside Job Boards and Recruitment Marketplaces | Jan. 26th 2023

Shelley Billinghurst is one of Canada's leading recruitment experts. She's owned and retained a search company whose clients were primarily small- and medium-sized businesses, led the corporate recruiting for two of the world's largest energy extraction companies, owns a boutique recruitment advertising agency, and is the co-host of The Recruitment...

Why transparency between buyers and sellers of candidate traffic is the rising tide that lifts all ships.
Inside Job Boards and Recruitment Marketplaces | Jan. 19th 2023

Joe Stubblebine is the Chief Revenue Officer of Lensa, a fast growing aggregator whose founder and most of its staff are located in Hungary but whose employer and candidate users are mostly in the United States.In today's episode, Joe discusses some of the innovations coming out of Lensa, including its...

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