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How to Promote Audio Content on Social, with Delaney Simmons of WNYC

June 30th, 2016

How are Radio Stations and Podcasters using Social Media, and Just What are Audiograms?

To find the answers, I spoke to Delaney Simmons from WNYC, the largest talk radio station in the United States. We talked about the futures of radio & podcasting, and how they’re using social media to deliver their content. You can listen via iTunes, SoundCloud or keep reading for a summary of our conversation.

Our tip of the week is to use Sponsored Geofilters on Snapchat when you’re organising an event, and this week’s big shout goes out to Carlos E. Valdivia, a digital strategist at Show of Force.

Questions for Delaney include:

How are Radio Stations using Social Media and Just What are Audiograms? Which Social Channels are Most Important to WNYC and why? Where are you Experiencing the Highest Levels of Engagement? I’ve read about Audiograms; what’s the Scoop? What Results Have you Seen From These Audiograms? You want to Drive People Back to the Full Audio Content; how can you Track this and how can you Calculate the ROI on Social Media in general? How can new Podcasters Attract Listeners While Moving Beyond Just the Sound? Should Platforms Like Facebook and Spotify be Hosting Podcasts? Which Apps or Social Technology Would you Recommend to Fellow Marketers? Which Social Brands Inspire you and why?

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