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How to Humanise Your Content Marketing, with Chris Marr

March 30th, 2016

Isn’t there enough content out there already? How can business owners find time for social? What does “letting go” of content actually mean? How can we ensure we keep it human online? I speak to Chris Marr of the Content Marketing Academy to get all the answers.

Questions for Chris:

Tell us about the Content Marketing Academy and what you do?
There is a lot of content out there already. Remind us, why is content marketing essential?
Why can’t business owners the find time for social and for content marketing?
What does “letting go of content” mean?
What social and digital channels do you think work best for content marketing?
If you could only use one platform, what would it be?
Why do business people struggle to adapt new channels such as Snapchat or Instagram?
What’s the best way to make an impact with storytelling on social?
How can business owners project their personal brands on social?
What are the best tools and apps for content and social marketing in 2016?
What made you switch away from MailChimp to ConvertKit?
What brands inspire you on social?

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