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How Pitney Bowes Uses Social Selling, with Paul Lewis

June 15th, 2016

How does a global technology company that powers billions of transactions – physical and digital make use of social selling?

To find out, I had a great chat with Paul Lewis of Pitney Bowes.

Questions for Paul:

How did you implement social selling within the organisation?
Can you talk us through the steps?
When you rolled out this program, did you have strategy, training and other steps in place?
How is social selling embedded in every salesperson’s daily workload?
What were some of the challenges of this implementation and how did you address them?
If we look at social channels, which ones work best for Pitney Bowes?
Do you use video for social selling?
Do you use a technology for employee advocacy?
How do you measure success from social selling, and how can you track it back to the exact action of a salesperson?
Your social selling leaderboard, does that correlate to the actual sales leaderboard?
If we look into your crystal ball there, what do you think is the next big thing in this space?
Who inspires you on social media?

Answers all inside!

Connect with Paul Lewis on Twitter https://twitter.com/paul_a_lewis & LinkedIn http://uk.linkedin.com/in/paullewis100

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Our big shout goes out to Lisa Cervenka http://twitter.com/BrandNRD

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Catch you next week!

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