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How Fashion Brands Use Social Commerce, with Richard Jones of Wayin

March 3rd, 2016

We speak to Richard Jones, founder and CEO of EngageSciences (acquired by Wayin) to find out how fashion brands and retailers make use of social media to sell and promote their products.

A few of the questions we ask him:

How do the world’s biggest fashion brands use Social Commerce to boost their exposure to new demographics and increasing revenue?
How is the fashion world leveraging social content for awareness and sales purposes, and what lessons can other marketers learn?
Tell me about “shoppable reviews” and how brands integrate these with their owned platforms?
What about the rise of the “buy button” over the past year, how has that changed the industry?
How do fashion brands use user generated content to drive sales and awareness?
What are the best social and digital channels for fashion brands?
What fashion brands inspire you on social/digital?
How do you use social yourself?
What’s the next big thing in this space?
What’s your motto in life?

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All show notes: http://linkhumans.com/podcast
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