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How Employers Can Embrace Transparency, with Diarmuid Russell of Glassdoor

May 11th, 2016

Did you realise that the employees of your organisation are writing up reviews about their experience online? Some are happy, others are not so happy. What can employers do to embrace this transparency and how can they ensure they are using these reviews as constructive feedback?

To get the scoop, I’ve had a chat with Diarmuid Russell, Head of International at Glassdoor.

Questions for Diarmuid:

What challenges can Glassdoor help employers tackle? Do people apply for jobs on Glassdoor? A bad employer will have already have a bad reputation. Doesn’t a site like Glassdoor just amplify their problems? How can can you ensure that employee reviews on Glassdoor are genuine? What’s the most common reason for not approving reviews? How can companies embrace transparency and encourage employee reviews? What’s the number one mistake that you see employees doing? Should you work on your employer brand internally before looking at Glassdoor? Would you call Glassdoor a social media channel? How do you calculate the ROI for companies using Glassdoor? What are your thoughts competitors such as Viadeo, Kununu and LoveMondays? What happens if/when LinkedIn starts offering employer reviews? What employers inspire you on social media? What’s the next big thing in the employer transparency space?

So quite a few in other words! How did he answer them? You’ll have to listen to find out.

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And thanks to you for tuning in and catch up next week! – Jorgen

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