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Employer Branding for Recruitment Agencies, with Christina Knock of Cox Purtell

September 12th, 2017

In this episode, we’re going very meta. Imagine working for an organisation that makes money by recruiting for clients. Yet you find that attracting candidates to your own business is difficult. We’re going to learn what a boutique staffing firm in Sydney Australia activated some employer branding to attract talent.

Questions for Christina Knock of Cox Purtell:

Who are you and what do you do?
What’s the culture like at Cox Purtell?
You’re in the business of recruiting… But what internal talent challenges are you faced with?
What’s your best source of hire?
How does employer brand management help you with this?
What is your EVP/people promise?
Can you break this down?
How do you communicate and activate this?
What are “5 Ways to Get an Award-Winning Employer Brand on a Budget”?
Any hard lessons you can you share with us?
How do you go about measuring ROI on employer brand?
What companies, recruitment agencies or other, inspire you?
What’s up next for your employer brand?
Where can people connect with you?

Full show-notes will be available at http://employerbrandingpodcast.com

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