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A Guide to Social Selling, with Tim Hughes

July 12th, 2016

It’s time to catch up with our good buddy and social selling sorcerer Tim Hughes again. We previously discussed the 5 Pillars of Social Selling, this time we talk about organisational impact, change makers and Tim’s new book.

Questions for Tim include:

Tell our listeners who didn’t hear you last time around, what is it that you do? Would you agree that the term personal branding doesn’t appeal to managers and organisations? It’s personal branding, say, as opposed to the organisation. How do you use social networks to build trust and a high quality community? Do you create content to resonate with those people doing research? Do you find people lurk? They’ll consume your free content for ages without connecting with you and then suddenly they’re ready to buy from you? Highly influential people with millions of followers don’t get as many connection requests and questions as you would think. I interact with people on Twitter and typically they reply. Speaking of social and digital channels; which ones work best? I’m thinking LinkedIn and Twitter perhaps? What do you think of other new channels such as Snapchat, which I think you’re fairly active on as well, or Instagram even? For social selling on LinkedIn, would you say Sales Navigator is a must-have? What about Twitter, or any other apps or tools that you can’t live without? In the book, you also talk about how to scale a social selling strategy across an organisation. Is employee advocacy part of social selling? Or vice versa, even? Is employee advocacy part of social selling, or is social selling part of employee advocacy? I interviewed Ed Terpening from Altimeter Group the other week. He said social selling is part of employee advocacy. The most shared or second-most shared type of content is about jobs – shouldn’t it also be about fun stuff and interesting things? Can you give us examples of any organisations that inspire you in terms of social selling? Who’s doing it right?

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