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A Guide to Social Selling on LinkedIn, with Brynne Tillman of PeopleLinx

October 31st, 2016

Selling. The next frontier to get the all-mighty social prefix. I’ve had a chat with Brynne Tillman of PeopleLinx to see if she can sell Social Selling to you. Let’s patch in the city of Rocky Balboa, cream cheese and brotherly love (ok it’s Philadephia) for this week’s expert interview.

Tell us about PeopleLinx and what you do?
Why LinkedIn for social selling?
What’s the step-by-step guide to prospecting on LinkedIn?
What pitfalls should you avoid?
How important is content for social sellers?
What technology should social sellers be using?
Do we need LinkedIn Sales Navigator?
What’s the ROI and how do you measure it?
What companies inspire you in terms of social selling?
Where do you want to send our listeners?

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