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A Guide to Social Media for Employer Branding, with David Brudenell of Universum

April 6th, 2016

How do employers know what social media updates they should be doing? How can they know what their audience thinks of these updates?

Jorgen speaks to David Brudenell, Chief Digital Officer at Universum to learn more and to discuss their new report “Inside Social Media”

Questions for David in this episode:

We now have 31 hours in a day thanks to multi-tasking: what’s the breakdown?
Time spent on relatively few sites – please elaborate?
Facebook vs. LinkedIn vs. Instagram vs. Weibo – differences in use
What about the upstarts? Snapchat, WeChat
Messaging is hot: WhatsApp, WeChat, Messenger, Snapchat, Telegram – how use for brands?
What’s the intention gap?
Great brands outpace good brands on social – please elaborate?
What brands were the top performers in 2015 on LinkedIn and Facebook?
Top data-driven recommendations for social recruiting in 2016?
Where do companies get it wrong?
What’s the ROI and how do you measure it
What’s the best tech/apps/tools out there for employer branding/recruitment marketing?
What brands inspire you on social media?

Big congrats to Adam in California who won our iTunes review competition, a bottle of Champagne is heading your way!

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