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A Guide to Personal Branding for Business, with Jennifer Holloway

August 31st, 2016

Personal Branding. What exactly does that mean and how can people and the organisations they represent benefit from have a strong personal brand?

To get some answers, I’ve had a chat with Jennifer Holloway who makes a living out of Encouraging people in business to blow their own trumpet.

Questions for Jennifer:

Tell us about what you do? Personal branding – what are benefits to organisations? Is there a danger that people with strong personal brands within organisations have their own agendas as opposed to the company’s? If so, how do you overcome this? What’s a step-by-step guide to embedding personal branding in a talent development program in a company? Where do organisations get it wrong? What social channels are most important to personal branding? What’s the ROI on a personal brand and how do you measure it. Defined objectives? How do you manage and promote brand Jennifer Holloway? What are the best examples of personal brands out there in the corporate space?

Quiz time! Jennifer defines the following concepts:

– Personal brand
– Professional brand
– Personality brand
– Thought leader
– Influencer
– Image
– Celebrity

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