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A Guide to Creative Trends in 2016, with Jordan Roland of Shutterstock

March 9th, 2016

Jorgen speaks to Jordan Roland of Shutterstock about what creative trends.

With information gathered from millions of searches and downloads, Shutterstock’s annual Creative Trends research shows what’s on the rise around the world. From global trends to local developments, it’s an in-depth look at how the creative world will look in 2016.

Questions for Jordan:

Tell us about Shutterstock’s Creative Trends research, what is it and what’s your methodology?
What are the top trends in 2016: Visual, cultural, design, video, music?
What are the main takeaways for marketers?
Tell us about Shutterstock’s content marketing as a whole?
What social and digital channels work best?
What’s the ROI and how do you measure success?
What’s are the best tech/apps/tools out there for visual/creative marketers?
What are some brands that inspire you on social/digital?
What’s your word of wisdom?

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