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165: EMEA Recruitment Podcast #165 – Using Change to Grow – Terhi Nori

October 27th, 2023

We were delighted to welcome Terhi Nori, Global Lead for Project Workstream at ABB, onto the EMEA Recruitment podcast. 

“We create our own journey and our own story… it’s just a matter of choosing the next step if you want to pursue opportunities or make a change.”

In this episode, we learn about Terhi’s passion for change management and her 20-plus year career at ABB, as well as her opinions on artificial intelligence, and the importance of authenticity. 

As the podcast is in partnership with Operation Smile, Paul Toms asks Terhi about the last thing that made her smile. She shares a heartwarming story of helping a man with dementia who required extra support. Terhi and the man enjoyed each other’s company for 45 minutes and found it sad to leave each other once support arrived, but she was very happy to experience that moment and help him get back home. 

Terhi has spent over 20 years at ABB and enjoys helping and meeting new people. At such a large company, she has had many opportunities to work with different people over the years; she enjoys continuously learning from each other. Staying with a company for over 20 years brings the opportunity to change roles and continue to meet new people in different functions, she explains. 

Paul asks if Terhi has ever experienced the “fear of missing out” as a result of remaining at ABB for so long. Terhi replies that it is human nature to think about what else there may be. However, she has not experienced that fear and hasn’t worried about missed opportunities outside of ABB, adding that she has enjoyed the journey and where she is today. 

She also believes that, if you really want to have certain opportunities, you have to open yourself up to them and seek them out. If you do that and you really want something, there is nothing stopping you from achieving that goal. 

Delving into a discussion around change management, we learn that Terhi likes organising her thoughts, using creativity, solving challenges, and putting the pieces back together. For Terhi, change brings excitement and creates a snowball effect; there is usually something very valuable brought to life after creating something new. 

However, change does come with uncertainty. But, in Terhi’s opinion, it is about learning to observe your mind, acknowledge these feelings, then practising self-talk, embracing the changes ahead, and taking it as it comes – there is always a solution. Also, trust your team and remember you cannot control everything, she says. 

Terhi’s passion for change comes from the many changes she has experienced in her life. She explains that change is good, and she has learned to love it. Once you face change and the potential fear, you will grow. 

Moving onto the topic of AI, Terhi believes that the artificial nature of the technology can complement human authenticity. People and the world have already embraced other kinds of industry evolutions, she adds. 

The development of AI allows us to reduce information overflow and use our intelligence and creativity, Terhi explains. It’s the beginning of a new era that will change leadership, she adds. The best way to approach it is with curiosity. 

Exploring the recruitment process, Terhi finds it important for candidates to be true to themselves. We must look at the different skills and knowledge base needed and how that would build into the current team. 

The recruitment process is exciting for Terhi; she enjoys finding those who can bring something new to the team and creating joint team development. Her current team learns from each other, with unique skills and experiences that bring a depth of richness. 

Paul shares his personal experience working with ABB and its culture. He explains that he has noticed the longevity in the staff members and the growth experienced by those who have joined the company in the last five to six years. 

He adds that the company onboards very good people, aligned with the culture, who stay with the business much longer than the industry average. Terhi agrees, and comments that there is great diversity in the company, too. 

To end the episode, Paul asks Terhi about the one thing she wouldn’t want to change. Listen to the full episode to find out what Terhi wouldn’t compromise!  


If you’re looking for a particular part of the episode, please use the timestamps below:

01:45 – The last thing that made Terhi smile 04:50 – A 20+ year career with ABB 08:00 – The fear of missing out 10:35 – Why Terhi enjoys change management 12:50 – Coping with the uncertainty of change 21:10 – Simplifying challenges 22:00 – The root of Terhi’s passion for change 23:45 – Terhi’s opinion of AI and future technology 29:45 – How authenticity has helped Terhi progress in her career 35:40 – Is authenticity ever a challenge in the workplace? 38:30 – The recruitment process 44:30 – The one thing Terhi wouldn’t want to change

If you’d like to connect with Terhi, you can find her on LinkedIn


This episode is brought to you in partnership with Operation Smile, an international medical charity that provides life-changing surgery to children and adults with cleft lip and palate. We’re proud to support Operation Smile by raising vital funds and awareness for the cause. Find out more about their work: https://www.operationsmile.org.uk/donate-to-operation-smile/donate-to-operation-smile-emea-recruitment/


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