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#136 Data-driven recruitment marketing – 4 steps to data-driven approach talent acquisition
Building a Modern Employer Brand | Mar. 29th 2023

We all know how difficult and gut-wrenching talent acquisition can be. The pain of not knowing where to find potential applicants or are you actually going to get anyone to apply can be extremely stressful. What strikes me off is that hardly anyone working in talent acquisition seems to realize...

#135 The secret to creating marketing content your audience wants
Building a Modern Employer Brand | Mar. 22nd 2023

What is the secret to creating marketing content your audience wants? Because: "Not everything that happens at your company is newsworthy", says Ann Handley, a marketing and business writing expert. The thing is: ☝️ Anyone can post anything online. ❌ But everyone doesn’t need to post everything online. 🆘 Because...

#134 - 10 ways to use Instagram Highlights for employer branding and recruitment marketing
Building a Modern Employer Brand | Mar. 15th 2023

Do you use Instagram Highlights at all? Or on your personal Instagram profile or on the company profile? Whether you use them or not, I believe this episode is going to add great value to your Instagram marketing efforts. My name is Susanna Rantanen and I welcome you back to the Building...

#133 TikTok SEO & 4 basic SEO tactics for content creators
Building a Modern Employer Brand | Mar. 8th 2023

In this week's episode I share with you four basic SEO tactics for content creators on TikTok. SEO on TikTok is the new thing for social media content creators. Adapting to SEO will help boost your reach on this platform in 2023 and beyond.  If you want to grow your...

#132 Instagram SEO for content creators
Building a Modern Employer Brand | Mar. 1st 2023

Instagram SEO, search engine optimization for your Instagram posts, is one of the latest developments in social media content creation. In this episode, you’ll learn about Instagram SEO and why that matters to you as a content creator on Instagram. You want to learn about Instagram SEO because, in 2023...

#131 Why and how to create high-quality content - 8 tips
Building a Modern Employer Brand | Feb. 22nd 2023

High-quality content is far more important than the quantity of content shared with your audiences. If you don't have a lot of time to invest in content creation, invest more time in the quality and simply post less. In this episode of the Building a Modern Employer Brand podcast, we talk...

#130 Copywriting headlines that win attention
Building a Modern Employer Brand | Feb. 15th 2023

A headline is the first impression you get when you give that content a nanosecond of your precious time. When you select and copywrite your headline, think about the first impression you need it to create in the audience you want to capture. This is more important than you may...

#129 Copywriting for HR - 5 Key Rules when writing content in HR
Building a Modern Employer Brand | Feb. 8th 2023

As someone who uses written or spoken words to inform and impact your talent target audiences, sharpening your copywriting and content marketing skills is an important development area. I’ve said this before, no amount of marketing budget will succeed in getting your audiences to act on your talent marketing messages...

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