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S2 E1 | A CPO's Guide to Finding & Hiring Great Product Managers - Jonas Boli @ Phil
BreakOut | Feb. 1st 2023

Joining us today is Jonas Boli, Chief Product Officer @ Phil - a Series D startup streamlining access to medications. In today’s episode, we dive into Jonas’ background at Zillow, his journey to CPO, what traits he looks for when hiring product managers and advice for aspiring CPOs.  [01:03] Jonas's Background...

25 | Q&A - Hiring for small teams, tools to determine compensation ranges, getting creative with offers
BreakOut | Dec. 15th 2022

In this episode, Gareth Webb answers hiring questions including how to get started with a small team, compensation ranges, and being transparent on your company's unique value proposition. We cover:  how small teams without hiring resources should approach director-level hires tools you can use to determine market compensation ranges  what to...

24 | Talent Strategies from Midmarket and Enterprise Tech Leaders - BreakOut Live - Austin, TX
BreakOut | Dec. 8th 2022

Tune into this recording (pt 2) from the very first BreakOut Live event hosted in Austin, TX this past May. Hear from talent acquisition leaders from LinkedIn, Dialpad, and Axon, what priorities they are focused on, and what they do to set themselves apart and compete for top talent. What's...

23 | Reality Check - Q4 Hiring Market Updates
BreakOut | Dec. 1st 2022

Tune in to get an update on the latest data on key economic indicators, high-growth tech hiring trends, how this compares to news headlines, and where companies are currently prioritizing their hiring resources. What we cover:  Oct inflation 7.7%, below 8% forecast US Sept job vacancies up MoM ~3% to...

22 | How AI Can Help You Make More Objective Hiring Decisions - Christoph Hohenberger @ Retorio
BreakOut | Nov. 24th 2022

In this episode, we've got Christoph Hohenberger co-founder of Retorio, a Munich-based startup building video AI to help bring objectivity in both hiring and coaching for organizations.What's covered:   How to make hiring more objective The Big 5 personality traits The need for a systematic approach to quickly get through...

21 | Talent Strategies for Early Stage Startups - BreakOut Live - Austin, TX
BreakOut | Nov. 17th 2022

Tune into this recording (pt1) from the very first BreakOut live event hosted in Austin, TX this past May. This was recorded right as the hiring market began to halt, causing venture-funded startups to pause and rethink their hiring approach. Many of these conversations remain incredibly relevant as we continue...

20 | Getting Ahead of the Tech Talent Skills Gap - Tracie Giles @ PagerDuty
BreakOut | Nov. 10th 2022

In this episode, Gareth Webb speaks with Tracie Giles, VP of Talent Acquisition at PagerDuty - a global SaaS company that deploys real-time operations and incident response products for companies such as Slack, Zoom, and Salesforce.  Gareth and Tracie discuss lessons learned in her career at VMware when it was...

19 | Going Beyond the Job Spec for More Effective Sourcing
BreakOut | Nov. 3rd 2022

In this episode, Gareth Webb discusses how to make the most of your sourcing process to ensure it is as effective as possible. We cover: - ensuring a quality initial calibration process- common traits in candidate profiles tech companies look for- the importance of leveraging talent acquisition as market experts and partners-...

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