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34 | Scout this - Senior Product Manager @ Series B AI Healthtech
BreakOut | Aug. 29th 2023

In this episode of Breakout, Gareth Webb and Jake Gorgol discuss the importance of considering years in the current company when evaluating potential candidates. He shares his approach of looking at candidates who have been with their company for two or more years, narrowing down the pool to 144 individuals....

33 | Scout this - Head of Design @ Series A Ed-Tech
BreakOut | Aug. 15th 2023

In this episode of Breakout Podcast on their 2nd Mini Series of Scout this. Jake Gorgol and Gareth Webb discuss the challenges of hiring designers and shared strategies for attracting top talent. Gareth emphasizes the importance of not limiting candidates based on specific experience but considering a range of skills...

32 | Scout this - Marketing Manager @ Early-Stage Healthtech Startup
BreakOut | Aug. 1st 2023

Welcome to Scout this - The first of our mini-series where we break down open positions and build out rough searches for growing early-stage companies that are currently hiring. In this episode, they discuss the challenges of sourcing and hiring for early-stage companies. They explore the difficulties companies face without a...

31 | The Inclusive Hiring Playbook: From Role Scoping to Fair Compensation - Jenn Gardner @ CharterUp
BreakOut | Jun. 20th 2023

In this episode, Gareth Webb sits down with Jenn Gardner to talk everything about building successful teams - creating effective position definition & evaluation, promoting DEI in hiring, enhancing interviewing & assessment practices, and driving salary transparency and compensation alignment.CHAPTERS[01:20] Jenn’s background at CharterUp and prior experience[03:15] CharterUp’s unique value...

30 | From Offices to Open Spaces: Navigating Remote Work Trends - Gordon Smith @ HubbleHQ
BreakOut | Jun. 6th 2023

In this episode, Gareth Webb sits down with Gordon Smith to talk about how to successfully navigate remote and hybrid work preferences, creating in-office time employees will value, and advice for early stage founders and team leaders in the remote work era. CHAPTERS[01:11] Gordon’s background responsibilities @ Hubble[02:40] Why Gordon joined...

29 | Crafting your career: How to build a resume that sells  - Gareth Webb on The Sales Syndicate Podcast
BreakOut | May. 23rd 2023

In this episode, Gareth Webb sits down with Jamie Pagan on The Sales Syndicate Podcast to break down five strategies you can use to help craft your career and your resume as you look for your next opportunity.TIMESTAMPS[04:24] Current market conditions (the negatives)[06:30] Current market conditions (the positives)[07:50] Companies overindulged...

28 | Building a Successful Remote Team - Insights from Adii Pienaar - Founder @ Cogsy
BreakOut | May. 9th 2023

Join Gareth as he sits down with Adii Pienaar, a successful 3x founder who is currently building Cogsy, a cutting-edge e-commerce inventory and demand planning tool. Adii opens up about his incredible journey, sharing valuable insights and experiences in various aspects of entrepreneurship, including hiring and screening for top talent,...

27 | Hiring for Success: Insider Tips on Technical Recruiting - Stefanie Sher @ Replicated
BreakOut | Apr. 20th 2023

In this episode, Stefanie Sher, Director of Talent Acquisition at Replicated, shares her insights on how to lead with credibility in a technical recruiting space, advice for hiring managers to avoid "bad practices," and how to influence them with data and cost-benefit analysis. She also discusses the current market landscape...

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