What is Video Interviewing Software?

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November 21st, 2023 • 3 Minutes

Video interviewing software, as the name suggests, is software that is used to interview job applicants. While some companies used video interviewing software prior to the pandemic, the use of this software soared during lockdown. The functionality of the technology has improved with its rise in popularity, making the user experience for both interviewer and interviewee better than in the past.

How Is Video Interviewing Software Used?

The experience of interacting with others via a video screen, with faces stacked up in boxes like The Brady Bunch, has become common in the modern workplace, including interviews. 

Video interviewing software allows companies, HR leaders and hiring managers the convenience of connecting with potential candidates quickly, saving time and money regardless of where they’re located. 

The flexibility of these platforms is also part of its perks. Interviews can be conducted one on one or as a group. Unlike traditional interviews, though, the interviewers don’t have to be in the same room—or the same country. 

There are basically two types of video interviewing software applications:

  1. One-way, or asynchronous interviews. Candidates are given a list of questions and asked to log in to complete the interview at their convenience but within a certain timeframe. Recruiters or hiring managers can then review the videos at their convenience and schedule follow up interviews with candidates who show promise.
  2. Live, or synchronous, video interviews. These are the interactions many of us became familiar with during the pandemic. Both the interviewer, or interviewers, and the job candidates are live. It’s a setting that is very much like traditional interviews, except participants are not located in the same place.

While apps like Zoom, Microsoft Teams and Google Meet have become popular options for interacting synchronously, there are more specialized—and more feature-rich—options available specifically for HR leaders, recruiters and hiring managers.

With so many options available today, it’s important to have a clear idea of your needs and preferences, as well as the features that will help your interview process be both efficient and cost-effective. 

The Benefits of Video Interviewing Software

There are a number of benefits that video interviewing software provides, including:

  • Reduction in cost-per-hire.
  • Streamlined time-to-hire. 
  • Operational efficiencies.
  • Software features and user experience for both interviewers and candidates. 

Using video software also offers the benefit of being able to interview candidates from a wide range of geographies. In today’s world of remote and hybrid work, many candidates may never interact in-person with members of the hiring team. The ability to use video software can also save time in scheduling and holding interviews, especially if used asynchronously.

The many options and features available today mean that HR leaders and hiring managers have the ability to significantly reduce the cost and friction traditionally involved in the interview process.

Video interviewing software features often include a number of administrative tools like scheduling, reminders and follow-ups. Some offer candidate screening, recording and transcription capabilities, and more.

What Should I Look For When Selecting Video Interviewing Software?

The specific features of the video interviewing software you select will depend on your unique needs. In general, though, there are a number of options and features to consider:

  • Integration with other platforms like an applicant tracking system (ATS).
  • Access to customizable interview templates and questions.
  • Recording capabilities for reviewing and sharing.
  • Mobile and desktop compatibility for both interviewers and candidates.
  • Built-in rating tools and structured interview methodologies.
  • Data capture and analytics.

AI has become a fundamental feature of many video interviewing software platforms and can be used for pre-screening candidates, automated scoring and even analysis of facial expression and non-verbal cues. 

There are valid concerns about the potential for AI to introduce bias into the hiring process. Be sure the video interview software aligns with your DEI initiatives if you use any AI features. If trained properly, these tools have the potential to minimize bias. It is crucial to continually monitor your hiring data to ensure AI is not hindering your DEI efforts.

When evaluating options, request demos and trials so you can test out the platform’s features and user interface. Read reviews and testimonials and ask for references from the vendors you’re considering. Independent evaluations of these tools can also be helpful.

What Is The Best Setup for a Video Interview?

Even when interviewers are very familiar with a video interviewing software application, it’s important to prepare to ensure that the interview will go smoothly. This includes choosing a quiet, professional setting and testing the equipment (computer, webcam, speakers) and internet connection before the interview.

It’s also a good idea to prepare candidates for the process on what to expect—and to provide them with a list of suggestions for preparation. Be clear about expectations. For instance, be explicit about the need for cameras to be on, that candidates dress professionally and participate from a quiet, private location, how long the interview will be and who they will be interacting with.

In addition, if the interview will be recorded, make sure the candidates are informed of that and how the recording will be used. For instance, will others be shown the recorded interview and for what purposes?

Video interviewing software has become a must-have tool for businesses of all types and sizes. With the ability to augment your hiring process through video connectivity, you can realize cost savings while also improving the candidate experience. 

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