Indeed Partners With JobSync on New ATS Integration ReporterBy Reporter
October 20th, 2023 • < 1 Minute

Indeed has announced that it will be integrating an applicant tracking system by JobSync into its existing application process, Indeed Apply Sync.

Talent acquisition automation platform JobSync claims that the move will lead to an increase in applications across the platform by allowing candidates to apply directly from the posting using their Indeed profile. 

JobSync’s platform automates the process of posting open roles and also eliminates the need to copy a candidate’s information into the system. The company claims that the collaboration will result in more efficient processes and also an improved applicant experience. JobSync is already integrated into other high-profile platforms such as ZipRecruiter, and CareerBuilder.

In addition to smoothing out the application process, JobSync also claims that its system boosts compliance with key regulatory requirements and prevents events leading to incomplete applications or misplaced data. 

“We’re excited to announce our partnership with Indeed and introduce the JobSync solution to employers that significantly accelerates their ability to achieve their candidate application goals,” said Alex Murphy, CEO of JobSync. “Our clients have found that creating a seamless application process leads to a substantial increase in application volume, including unique applicants, that results in consistently achieving their hiring objectives.

“Through this collaboration, employers will have the tools to enhance efficiency, compliance, and the overall candidate experience, resulting in improved hiring outcomes,” Murphy added. “Often, employers face a trade-off between improving the candidate experience and the recruiter experience, but in this case, we’re enhancing the entire hiring process, benefiting all stakeholders.”

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