Hireology and Activated Insights Partner for Healthcare Recruitment Challenges

RecruitmentMarketing.com ReporterBy RecruitmentMarketing.com Reporter
July 9th, 2024 • < 1 Minute

The partnership between Hireology and Activated Insights promises a shift in healthcare recruitment, a sector that’s grappled with chronic shortages and high turnover rates. By merging a top-tier applicant tracking system with advanced retention tools, this collaboration targets the core of the industry’s woes: attracting and keeping skilled caregivers.

Adam Robinson, CEO of Hireology, pinpoints the critical imbalance: “Given the disparity between talent supply and demand along with high turnover rates, remaining fully staffed becomes a nearly impossible task without effective technology and processes.”

This gap, worsened by a daunting 18% turnover rate among new nurses, underscores the urgency for solutions that do more than just fill positions temporarily. The partnership’s genius lies in its holistic approach—streamlining processes from job posting to onboarding, maximizing retention right from the critical first 100 days of employment.

Moreover, the integration with technologies like Beaker AI and automated outreach systems doesn’t just enhance efficiency; it revolutionizes how healthcare providers connect with potential hires, ensuring only the most suitable candidates make the cut. This isn’t just about filling vacancies faster; it’s about filling them smarter.

For HR professionals in healthcare, this means a robust toolkit that addresses not just recruitment but retention too, promising lower costs, less wasted effort, and better outcomes for patients. The partnership between Hireology and Activated Insights isn’t just a step forward—it’s a leap toward solving one of healthcare’s most pressing challenges. With this approach, staying ahead in the fiercely competitive healthcare hiring market is not just possible—it’s within reach.


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