5 Innovative Technologies in Recruiting and Workplace

Katie FortunatoBy Katie Fortunato
December 7th, 2023 • 2 Minutes

Based on Fast Company’s recent article canvasing the most innovative technologies, “Next Big Things in Tech”, we distilled several groundbreaking recruiting technologies that are helping to shape the future of hiring. Talent acquisition specialists face the common challenge of hiring the best talent they can find, more quickly and efficiently than anyone else. They are constantly seeking (and demo-ing) innovative solutions to enhance workplace productivity, foster a more inclusive work culture and optimize talent acquisition strategies. 

Consider these new emerging companies to help you attract, hire and retain talent to power your business.

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Hiring Quickly and Efficiently

  • Datapeople: An AI-powered platform that helps companies write inclusive job descriptions and measure the effectiveness of their talent funnel. This can help companies attract a more diverse pool of candidates and reduce the time it takes to hire qualified candidates. By analyzing hiring data, Datapeople can also help companies identify and eliminate unconscious bias in their hiring process, allowing organizations to take corrective actions.
  • SkyHive: A skills-based matching platform that helps job seekers find jobs that are a good fit for their skills, even if they don’t have the traditional qualifications for those jobs by recognizing transferable skills. This can help companies to consider qualified candidates who may not have been visible to them through traditional recruiting methods. SkyHive can also help job seekers to find jobs that they are more likely to be successful in, and provide learning recommendations based on a skills gap assessment. 

Improving Your Employer Brand

  • Typeface: A generative AI platform that helps companies create on-brand content at scale. This can help companies to create a more consistent and cohesive brand image, which can be attractive to potential employees. Typeface can also help companies to produce content more quickly and efficiently, which can free up time for other tasks, such as recruiting and onboarding new employees.

Boosting Your Benefits

Your retention strategists will thank you 

The case for prioritizing your employees, and boosting retention and overall employee satisfaction: “A company could increase revenues by up to 50% by improving the employee experience,” as Tiffany Bova researched and wrote. And taking care of your employees includes taking care of their families and fur babies. 

  • Vetster: Bringing telehealth convenience to pet care, Vetster connects pet owners with veterinarians and vet technicians for virtual consultations. Your employees can receive expert pet care without ever leaving their home-offices, saving them time and money. Vetster’s veterinarians can diagnose and treat a wide range of common pet health issues, including allergies, skin conditions and behavioral problems. This may result in fewer time-off requests to take their pets to the vet, wait in crowded waiting rooms or pay expensive out of pocket fees. Meow!
  • Enlighted: Optimizes energy efficiency and workplace sustainability with a smart lighting system that revolutionizes energy efficiency in commercial spaces. According to PWC’s Future of Work study, the data revealed that 65% of individuals globally seek employment with an organization that demonstrates a strong commitment to social responsibility. By optimizing energy consumption, Enlighted helps organizations reduce their carbon emissions and foster a more environmentally responsible workplace. 

The emergence of cutting-edge technologies has ushered in a new era of possibilities, empowering organizations to streamline operations, attract diverse talent pools and achieve their strategic goals. For the practitioner, technology is not just about convenience but also creativity, innovation and progress. Let’s celebrate its ability to connect us, empower us and inspire us.

Tell us, what is your favorite thing about technology? 

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