10 Fast-Growing Companies in HR Technology

Sarah EdwardsBy Sarah Edwards
December 7th, 2023 • 4 Minutes

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By definition, the human resources field is people-centric. Yet today’s HR professionals rely on the latest technology to manage their workforce and build their talent community. Growing companies can leverage this technology to tap into new recruiting methods and strategies, allowing for rapid business growth.

Innovation in HR technology is so valuable, in fact, that companies in this sphere can be found up and down the 2023 Inc. 5000 list, which indexes the fastest-growing private companies in the United States. Read on for more about these rising companies and how their offerings are shaking up the HR industry in candidate matching, employer branding and more. 

10 Fast-Growing Companies in HR Technology


ClickUp has achieved an impressive growth rate of 4,182% over the past three years. They specialize in project management tools, allowing HR teams to assign tasks, track progress and keep teams organized in a single program.

Platforms such as ClickUp are especially attractive to remote and hybrid workplaces and, due to the recent popularity of this workplace shift, the company’s growth has spiked. Even small businesses can take advantage of the flexibility that platforms like ClickUp offer, making it a great option for keeping employees engaged around specific projects.

HR Acuity

This web-based platform is designed to help HR staff investigate, document and report HR-related incidents in the workplace in a standardized way. 

With a focus on this vital facet of the industry, HR Acuity has risen to become known as one of the most notable risk management platforms in the industry, according to the 2023 Inc. 5000 list.

The company has experienced 221% growth over the past three years, and it claims to be continually engaging with industry leaders to refine its services and strategy. For this reason, users can count on industry best practices while also aligning their risk management processes with their organizational goals.


Confetti stands out from other top HR tech companies due to its unique service niche. It is a web-based platform designed to help HR leaders plan and book work-related events such as social gatherings, seminars and more. Confetti offers an intuitive interface that claims to give users access to a network of vendors and lets them plan events within a matter of minutes.

The company boasted a staggering growth rate of 3,885% in the last three years alone and its services have been used by big-hitters including Google, Spotify and Facebook. 


Unlike full-service HR platforms, Instawork aims to assist businesses in locating skilled hourly employees. The San Francisco-based outbound sourcing tool now has hubs across the United States, Canada, India and more. It offers business leaders flexibility and options for scalability in tapping into local talent wherever they are.

Instawork has achieved impressive growth of 1,556% over the last three years thanks to its service to companies that rely on hourly, contract or “gig” talent.

Kēsta I.T.

This staffing agency’s mission is embedded in its phonetically spelled name, which is pronounced “Keys-to-I.T.” It ranks highly on the Inc. 5000 list for its 1,216% growth over the last three years, which it attributes to the industry-leading recruiting, staffing, and consulting services it offers for the IT industry.

Kēsta I.T.’s platform is designed to help HR managers tap into hiring and staffing solutions like outsourcing, contract employees and contract-to-hire roles for specific skill sets. This includes tools for setting important benchmarks to help business leaders gain insights into their ROI. 


Emonics is an IT and healthcare staffing company that currently has a three-year growth of 1,189%. The company works to assist businesses in a wide range of industries, including education, finance, communications and more. 

HR leaders may be particularly interested in the education programs Emonics offers. It allows businesses to upskill their workforces, providing them with more valuable talent and keeping employees engaged. Emonics can also assist with employee augmentation, giving businesses access to talent that can enhance a current workforce on either a short or long-term basis.


Nearsure is a Latin American tech company that specializes in remote-first HR services for software development teams. They help U.S.-based companies tap into staff augmentation technology for multiple industries.

In the past three years, Nearsure has had a growth rate of 1,115%. The company claims that clients have used its services to hit critical benchmarks and scale their businesses. This is thanks to their talent solutions that provide access to high-quality pools of candidates.


TalentWoo focuses on connecting real estate companies with future talent, including salespeople, developers and builders. It has enjoyed marked success, achieving a 3,646% growth rate in the last 3 years.

The company advertises a robust array of talent acquisition features. For instance, it offers virtual and on-site recruiting resources, as well as software platforms that accelerate the onboarding process. 

TalentWoo has worked alongside real estate companies of varying sizes, attracting businesses looking for flexible solutions. TalentWoo also offers staff augmentation and contingency recruitment for maximum flexibility.

Virtual Latinos

Virtual Latinos operates with a simple mission: connecting business leaders and workplaces with virtual professionals from the Latin American community. These assistants are available live, giving users direct access to the assistance they need. The company’s forward-thinking efforts resulted in a staggering 5,762% growth in the last three years, likely due to its cost-effective support solutions in the face of a global talent shortage. 

Virtual Latinos offers options for small business owners who need an extra set of hands. And, the company’s pricing model helps business owners receive quality services without sacrificing their budget. Outsourced virtual assistants cost a fraction of what an in-office team would, all while requiring no physical office space.


Based in Philadelphia, Phenom is an AI-powered HR tech company. The Inc. 5000 list found that the company enjoyed 185% growth over the past 3 years. Phenom focuses on developing strong internal workplace cultures and is known for its notable employee rewards program.

The platform offers AI-recruiting tools that help employers to accelerate recruitment pipelines and develop workforces. This boosts retention rates through mentoring systems and skill development programs. 

Tap Into Technology

The fastest-growing HR tech companies fuel the growth of the businesses and industries they support. By tapping into new or improved technological solutions, HR managers can increase their efficiency. This in turn allows them to maximize their resources to get more done with less. 

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