Indeed’s CEO Believes That a ‘Cyborg’ Workforce is the Future of Recruitment ReporterBy Reporter
September 14th, 2023 • < 1 Minute

As generative AI threatens to upend industries across the entire spectrum, leaders in the recruitment space are taking notes on how to brace their employees and bottom lines for the incoming tidal wave.

In a recent interview with Bloomberg, Indeed’s CEO Chris Hyams revealed that the company was hit hard in layoffs earlier this year—with around 15% of it’s workforce, or 2,200 positions, being cut. It was their first-ever round of layoffs since Indeed’s launch in 2004. However, he said, “We cut almost nothing for our AI team. We made bigger cuts in [recruitment].”

His reasoning, he explained, related to the big-picture view of where the industry is heading—which is, in his opinion, toward a “cyborg” staff of recruiters. 

Indeed has already made a foray into the AI space with Indeed Hire, “a full-service agency that helps other companies hire.” About 50 members of recruitment staff have already been moved over to this new product at the company. 

“We’re using AI to make this role more efficient,” he told Bloomberg, emphasizing AI’s abilities to take over more menial, repetitive tasks. 

“I think of it as the cyborg model—machines and humans working together,” he said. “We’re not trying to replace you with robots. I want to build the Iron Man suit for recruiters.”

In a statement to Fortune, Indeed added: “AI allows for process improvements in nearly every function of the business.”

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