Our Top Talent Acquisition Articles for 2023

Rodney HessBy Rodney Hess
December 21st, 2023 • 7 Minutes

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Another wild year in the world of talent acquisition and recruitment marketing is in the books. As we barrel toward an uncertain future, it’s worth peering into the rearview to spotlight the ideas and insights that captivated audiences in 2023. From peeks behind the employer branding curtain, to strategic shifts by the digital giants, to the nitty gritty of crafting killer job descriptions—last year served up no shortage of page-turners.

Today we spotlight our runaway bestsellers. These top 10 reads attracted eyes and ignited excitement across the recruitment landscape for their relevance, utility and forward-looking edge. From TikTok’s takeover to Google’s war for search supremacy, the articles encapsulate the innovation and energy driving hiring’s digital transformation. But they also uncover opportunities in tried tools like video storytelling and offer back-to-basics lessons for talent attraction.

Join us as we unveil 2023’s most trafficked treasures—the articles that inspired and informed talent acquisition leaders on emerging ideas and enduring fundamentals alike. Whether you missed them the first time or simply wish to bask in their brilliance again, these crowd favorites promise perspective and ideas to fuel another year of competitive recruiting.

10. Six Talent Acquisition Trends to Look Out for in 2024

Our glimpse into the future of recruiting highlighted some fascinating innovations that are poised to transform talent attraction. From AI-powered chatbots to hyper-targeted social advertising, technology promises to make finding and engaging top talent quicker and easier.

But we also discussed the permanence of some good old-fashioned fundamentals. Empathy, authenticity and human connection will still win over even the most technically-savvy candidates.

Why It Resonated with Talent Acquisition Leaders

  • Showcased cutting-edge technologies shaping the future of recruitment, a key interest area for leaders.
  • Addressed the challenges and opportunities in remote work environments, highly relevant in the current work landscape.
  • Highlighted DEI’s role in talent acquisition, aligning with the industry’s focus on creating inclusive workplaces.
  • Offered practical insights into using niche job boards for efficient candidate sourcing.
  • Emphasized the importance of data analytics in refining recruitment strategies.
  • Introduced innovative ideas for benefits packages, providing a competitive edge in talent retention.

The article resonated because it blended cutting-edge with common sense. Readers appreciated the practical tactical advice on how to leverage data and technology. But they also valued the reminder to still recruit in an ethical, socially-conscious way.

In the world of hiring, the machines may be taking over. But the most forward-looking leaders realize the value of preserving the human element as well. This article provided the perfect roadmap to fuse innovation with heart and soul.

9. Recruiting With TikTok: Starting Employer Branding Content

In “Recruitment Marketing With TikTok,” we took an in-depth look at leveraging the viral video platform for talent attraction. We highlighted TikTok’s exponential growth, its popularity among Millennial and Gen Z users, and the unique storytelling capabilities of its short video format. From branded hashtag challenges to creative video content, we explored best practices for utilizing TikTok to authentically showcase employer brand and culture.

What Recruitment Marketers Took Away

  • Timely spotlight on TikTok as its userbase and dominance continues mushrooming globally
  • Satisfied reader curiosity with an insider’s view of effective TikTok recruiting tactics
  • Set realistic expectations by assessing the platform’s pitfalls alongside its potential
  • Tuned recommendations and tips specifically for TikTok’s unique mechanisms and audience

For recruitment teams struggling to penetrate the Millennial/Gen Z sphere, our hands-on guide brought much-needed clarity. The blend of strategic context and bite-sized, actionable advice resonated with reader hunger for concrete TikTok recruitment solutions.

8. KPIs and Metrics for Measuring Success on Your Career Site

This comprehensive career site guide explored the metrics that reveal true site effectiveness. Beyond application volume, we highlighted critical indicators of candidate engagement like session duration, bounce rates and return visits. We also addressed key factors driving traffic like SEO and marketing channels.

Why the Piece Resonated with TA Leaders

  • Demystified which stats recruitment leaders should focus on for smarter site optimization
  • Offered methods and tools for tracking engagement beyond the apply button
  • Connected site metrics to practical tips for boosting organic visibility
  • Provided benchmarks for contextualizing performance internally and against competitors

For recruitment teams struggling to gauge real career site impact on talent attraction, our analysis brought much-needed clarity. We moved beyond superficial measures to the meaningful, actionable data. Readers gained a strategic framework for driving site traffic, engagement and performance.

7. KPIs for Recruitment: The Key Metrics for Recruitment Marketing

This definitive guide explored the crucial recruitment metrics that determine whether employer branding efforts are paying off. From costs per click to applicants by source, we broke down what savvy recruitment marketers track.

Why the Piece Resonated

  • Cut through the complex analytics recruitment leaders must navigate daily
  • Connected vague KPIs to concrete strategies to optimize recruitment spend
  • Emphasized how properly defining and capturing “quality” applicants removes guessing
  • Tied metrics to bottom line cost-efficiency, going beyond superficial measures

For recruitment teams struggling to gauge true return from their branding investments, our analysis brought much-needed clarity. We moved beyond blurry statistics to the sharp, focused data that fuels strategic decision-making. Readers gained a clear dashboard to steer their strategy and dollars toward higher quality, higher efficiency applicant interactions.

6. EVP vs. Employer Brand: What’s the Difference?

This article examined the intricate interplay between a company’s Employee Value Proposition (EVP) and external employer brand image. We Spotlighted EVP as an encapsulation of the employee experience, while clarifying brand as perceptions shaped by marketing.

Why This Article Resonated with Recruitment Marketing Leaders

  • Distinguishing two co-dependent recruitment concepts prone to conflating
  • Revealing the EVP as the backbone for authentic and sustainable branding
  • Underscoring their combined impact on attracting and retaining talent
  • Emphasizing the need for alignment between inner culture and outer messaging

For recruitment teams working to codify their talent drawcards, this article brought clarity. By parsing the symbiotic dynamic between EVP and branding, readers gained an framework for defining true workplace strengths and broadcasting them creatively to the world.

5. Indeed Switches From Pay-Per-Click to Pay-Per-Application

This piece explored Indeed’s game-changing switch from pay-per-click to pay-per-application billing. We examined the new model’s two variants – payment per started or completed application – both prioritizing outcome over output.

Key Takeaways for Recruitment Marketing Leaders

  • Timeliness covering a major platform policy change with talent acquisition ripples
  • Practical implications across budget unpredictability, process flows and employer brand
  • Strategic analysis of how the focus on quality over quantity could impact hiring
  • Future-gazing Indeed’s consolidation into an end-to-end hiring juggernaut

For recruitment leaders navigating seismic industry shifts, our in-depth coverage brought clarity. We moved beyond surface-level reporting to the deeper strategic contexts and practical challenges of Indeed’s new paradigm. Readers gained an analytical guide for adapting processes and mindsets to an outcome-driven, ever-evolving digital hiring landscape.

4. Seven Examples of Employer Branding Videos

This piece explored the growing power of video to convey authentic employer brand stories. We examined seven video archetypes, each bringing different elements of company culture and values to life. From employee testimonials to diversity commitments and beyond, examples revealed the versatility of video for recruitment marketing.

Why Talent Acquisition Professionals Found This Valuable

  • Creative roadmap helping brands expand their video repertoire
  • Curated real-world examples demonstrating video’s dynamic storytelling power
  • Timely insights on leveraging video amid the content competition for candidates
  • Practical impact in conveying company essence beyond static employer brand collateral

This article resonated with our readership due to its practical insights and creative ideas for leveraging video in employer branding. By showcasing different types of videos and their impact, it offered a roadmap for companies looking to enhance their employer branding strategies. The article’s success underscores the growing importance of dynamic and authentic content in recruitment marketing and the increasing role of digital storytelling in shaping employer brands.

3. Google Sponsored Job Ads

This feature is part of Google for Jobs, which aims to streamline the job search process for both employers and job seekers. Employers can now create an account on Google’s platform, submit job postings, and potentially sponsor these jobs for enhanced visibility on Google’s search results page. This innovation allows businesses to target specific demographics, locations, and job requirements, enabling them to attract more suitable candidates. Sponsored Job Ads, still in beta testing, offer a paid placement similar to Google Ads, which could significantly impact how businesses reach potential candidates. The article anticipates future advancements in Google Job Ads, including more refined targeting options and the incorporation of artificial intelligence, suggesting that this service could revolutionize job searching and recruitment.

Why Recruitment Marketing Leaders Should Pay Attention

  • Google’s Sponsored Job Ads offer a new avenue for enhanced job visibility and candidate reach.
  • The ability to target specific demographics and qualifications could improve the quality of applicants.
  • Sponsored placements may offer competitive advantages in attracting top talent.
  • The evolving nature of Google Job Ads suggests future potential for even more sophisticated recruitment marketing strategies.

This article gained traction in the recruitment marketing community because it introduced a significant shift in digital recruitment strategies with the integration of Google’s powerful search capabilities. The potential for more targeted and efficient job advertising through Google Sponsored Job Ads represents a major development for employers looking to attract quality candidates. The interest in this topic reflects the recruitment industry’s eagerness to leverage new technologies and platforms to stay competitive in the ever-evolving job market.

2. The Ultimate Corporate Gift Guide for Recruiters

This piece explored Google’s aptly-timed foray into paid job listings seamlessly embedded in search results. The article spotlighted the platform’s tremendous specificity in targeting roles by location, skillset and beyond to deliver the right opportunities to the right candidates.

It Resonated with Recruitment Marketers for Its

  • Timeliness as recruitment marketing gains urgency and employers demand edge
  • Promise of laser-focused targeting capabilities based on Google’s trove of data
  • Potential competitive advantage for brands struggling in the talent attraction race
  • Implications of AI and advanced functionality inevitably coming down the pike

For recruitment teams hungry for ways to get ahead, our glimpse into Google’s burgeoning recruitment ad offerings brought clarity. We anticipated how surgical search advertising could help employers nail niche, quality applicants with precision. Readers gained an insider perspective into Google’s next play to organize and dominate yet another discovery experience online.

1. The Importance of Job Descriptions for Employees and Employers

This definitive article explored often overlooked job descriptions as essential recruitment infrastructure. We broke down the key elements separating poor, basic and high-impact descriptions. Core components like responsibilities, requirements and work conditions took center stage.

Why This Article is Essential for Recruitment Professionals

  • Positioning job descriptions well beyond administrative documents as talent magnets
  • Underscoring legal risks and talent screening flaws from vague or misleading roles
  • Offering an adaptable blueprint for writing accurate descriptions calibrated to attract top talent
  • Encouraging regular revisiting to perpetually align talent needs and employer branding

For recruitment teams seeking an edge in talent attraction and screening, our analysis brought clarity. We elevated a mundane document into a crucial competitive asset. Readers gained understanding of just how powerful precise job descriptions can be in recruiting the ideal new hire.

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