X Unveils New Job Board: Game-Changer or Fleeting Venture?

Rodney HessBy Rodney Hess
November 18th, 2023 • 2 Minutes

X (formerly Twitter) has launched its new job board, officially stepping into the competitive job market sector. Initially released in a beta version for a limited audience, this tool is now accessible to everyone on the web, with mobile app versions anticipated soon.

The platform’s design is straightforward, offering basic search filters for keywords and locations. Users can browse job listings without registering for the platform. When ready to apply, they are directed to the employer’s third-party application platform.

Screenshot of X's job board search function


This simplicity is part of Elon Musk’s broader ambition to transform X into a versatile app, competing directly with other job boards like LinkedIn for a more engaging user experience.

The site is currently populated with listings from various tech companies, including Musk’s ventures like SpaceX and Tesla.

X’s job search tool integrates with its ‘verified organization’ feature, adding a layer of trust to the process. Professionals can engage with industry leaders and be linked directly to job opportunities, making the platform part of a larger networking ecosystem

However, Musk’s controversial public persona raises questions about the platform’s long-term potential in talent acquisition. Advertisers and partners are continually fleeing the platform, most recently over concerns about their ads showing up next to hate speech. With Musk intentionally fueling the flames, will company’s risk their employer brand by posting jobs to the platform?

X’s entry into the job search market represents an intriguing development in the digital realm. It’s a bold move by Musk, but its success and acceptance in the professional world remain to be seen, balancing innovation with the challenges of Musk’s public influence.

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